Product Updates

Product Updates

July 2019: Introducing Portfolio Level Reporting, Simplified Mobile Test Automation, and Streamlined RPA Bot Creation with Tosca

We’re kicking off the second half of 2019 with significant updates across the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform. Below, we’ve outlined the highlights of the July 2019 release. For a full list of updates by product, check out the release notes for Tricentis Analytics, Tosca, qTest, Flood and RPA.

Did you miss our last release? Watch the April 12.2 webinar to see what’s new.

Tricentis Analytics Now Available for qTest

Introducing Continuous Testing Platform Analytics

Tricentis Analytics is now available for on-premise Tricentis qTest customers.

Read about what inspired our new continuous testing platform reporting engine, where enterprise reporting is headed this year, and how to start upgrading today.

Tricentis Analytics - Continuous Analytics Testing

Tosca API Testing and OSV Improvements

Open API 3.0, CDATA Support and OSV UI Sneak Peak

This month, API testing with Tricentis Tosca gets added support for testing end-to-end legacy systems using CDATA and modern API definitions with OpenAPI 3.0.

And, we have a sneak peak at the brand new UI/UX for Orchestrated Service Virtualization that you are going to love!

Tosca Intelligent Module Importing

Reduce Duplication, Easily Import Test Modules

Reduce test module duplication with our new intelligent module importing feature. This feature allows you to automatically update test modules across projects, versions and branches to avoid test case duplication.

See it in action, along with traceability and user management improvements, in the blog below.

Tosca Mobile Automation

Reuse Test Modules For Android, iOS and Image Based Automation

Testers using Tosca for mobile automation can now reuse the same automation modules for building both iOS and Android test cases, significantly streamlining mobile testing across operating systems.

Read the blog to see how it works, along with improvements to image based automation and macOS configurations.

Tricentis Resilient RPA

Convert Test Automation to RPA Bots

Tricentis RPA gets a kick start in this release with the ability to convert Tosca test cases immediately into RPA bots. Now test automation and RPA can harmoniously work together to create resilient bots.

Read the blog to see the test case conversion in action, or request a demo of Tricentis RPA for a more detailed product overview.

qTest and Tx3 Vera Enhancements

Tricentis qTest Expands eSignature Support

In our last release, we introduced an integration with Tx3 Vera that enables customers in FDA regulated industries to comply with the electronic record and signature requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. Now, we’ve added support for applying electronic signatures during the pre-execution process in test case design.

Check out the integration page to learn more and see it in action.

Vera Integration