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Agile Testing Transformation

Agile testing

Kickstarting your testing transformation: Masterclasses for Quality Leaders

We’re over halfway through 2019 and many testing teams are already strategizing for the next 6 months, taking stock of QA achievements so far and pinpointing areas that are ripe for a change. There are also plenty of external factors driving change for quality leaders, from the steady adoption of agile across the industry, having to accelerate a team’s processes for agile, or the challenge of scaling testing to keep up with the needs of the business. 

As these drivers for change begin to stack up, it’s not long before quality leaders realize that they need more than a slight adjustment here and there–they need to kickstart a testing transformation. This can be a daunting realization, but fortunately, you can learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you. We’ve put together an on-demand webinar series packed with helpful information to help hone the leadership skills and strategic insights needed to kick off such a transformation. 

Watch our Masterclasses to learn what’s really needed to ignite a testing transformation. In this four-part series, quality experts will share strategies from real-world testing transformations. You’ll get insider insights on how to gain buy-in for your vision, roll it out, communicate progress, and scale it to achieve your long-term objectives. 

Access the masterclasses here:

Read more about each masterclass below: 

Transform testing: How to turn your vision for change into reality 

As quality leaders and testers, many of us have a vision of how our testing processes and practices could be improved. But no matter how compelling your vision, success often depends more on execution than intention. So how do you make it a reality? 

Anthem’s Director of Testing and Quality, Adam Satterfield, will share the keys to effective execution, as well as the lessons learned from his own experience implementing new tools and processes to accelerate transformation. 

Change your organization’s perception of testing: Michael Bolton’s tips for getting your message across more effectively  

Testing can be an afterthought or an important source of information for the business. Testing is not, and cannot be, quality assurance — but it can provide you with the quality awareness required to bring better software to market faster. To work with business stakeholders effectively, it’s vital that you clearly communicate testing’s role in supporting broader organizational initiatives. 

Watch testing expert Michael Bolton in conversation with Ryan Yackel as they discuss common mistakes testers make when communicating to the rest of the organization. 

Enterprise testing transformations: Tackling the top challenges  

We won’t sugar coat it: enterprise testing transformations are challenging projects with inevitable obstacles and setbacks. Fortunately, you’re not the first quality leader to embark on this journey. Learn from others’ mistakes, and you can drive your own transformation like a pro from day 1.  

Sit in as industry veterans Christian Plaichner and Wayne Ariola share insights on the top challenges that enterprise quality leaders face when planning, adopting, and scaling testing transformations. This will be an interactive discussion, sharing real stories collected from various perspectives across the testing industry. 

The Anatomy of an Agile testing transformation  

Agile testing transformations vary as widely as agile implementations. Some teams focus on reducing misunderstandings between developers, testers and business stakeholders. Others aim to assess the end-user experience across transactions that span web and mobile front ends, APIs and back-end systems like packaged and legacy applications, databases, mainframes, etc. And many want to accelerate testing so that it’s not constantly putting the sprint deadline at risk. 

You might expect software tool vendors like Tricentis to tell you that purchasing a tool is the answer to all these challenges. It’s not. No matter what kind of testing transformation you’re planning, it must address people and processes as well – but certain technologies can help you get there. 

Watch this webinar to hear Tricentis experts take a deep dive into what was involved in several successful agile transformations.