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Know a Tester Who Deserves to Be Recognized? Nominate Them for the 2019 Testing Heroes Awards

Update: Nominations are now closed for the 2019 Testing Heroes Awards. See the nominees and vote now!

Nominations are officially open for the second annual Tricentis Testing Heroes Awards.

Testing Heroes started in 2018 as a community campaign to recognize the amazing contribution software testing professionals make daily in the complex process of developing, testing and delivering enterprise software. Last year, we received more than 1,700 unique nominations and 50,000+ votes for winners across categories. If you know someone who deserves to be recognized, submit your nominations by June 30.  

About Testing Heroes: Celebrating Testers

Testing Heroes is a true celebration of the testing community because it’s driven completely by peer nominations and voting. Here’s how it works: 

  • Nominations: Anyone in the testing community can nominate a colleague 
  • Finalists: Top nominees in each category are named as finalists 
  • Voting: The testing community votes among the finalists to determine the winner 

Testing Heroes aims recognize the often unsung heroes in our community, and to thank them for their dedication to improving software quality and recognition of the critical role it plays in the success of today’s enterprise. The recognition often has ripple effects that extend far beyond the bounds of the Tricentis community.  

For example, last year the CEO of a major supermarket chain mentioned during a global all-hands call that a colleague was in the running for the award. The CEO encouraged the entire staff to vote. Meanwhile, a tester from a large national bank was introduced to a senior manager in the organization because of last year’s nomination. That tester was promoted this year. 

Who to Nominate: 2019 Testing Heroes Awards Categories 

The 2019 Testing Heroes Awards span seven categories, including five individual awards and two team awards. 

  1. Tester of the Year: This tester is the real deal. From their tireless dedication to software quality, user experience and reliability to their appreciation for the art of all things software testing, this is someone anyone would want on their team. 
  2. Test Manager of the Year: The role of test manager is a tough one, but you wouldn’t know it watching this person work. Even as software grows increasingly complex and demands from the business accelerate, this person gracefully manages any combination of quality, risk, automation and performance. 
  3. The Explorer: There’s nowhere this tester won’t go. We all know there are parts of an application most testers wouldn’t even think to touch, but this person dives in head-first using a variety of tools, techniques and heuristics. This approach makes The Explorer the strongest customer advocate your business has. 
  4. The Performer: Performance comes first in the eyes of this tester. Using modern approaches to performance and load testing, this person ensures applications run reliably before, during and after each release. This tester also embraces the need for earlier and more continuous performance testing to capture potential issues before they reach production. 
  5. The Automator: When speed is the name of the game, this is the tester you want on your side. The Automator looks for sustainable, scalable automation solutions that maintain software quality even as release cycles pick up speed. 
  6. Test Team of the Year: They say teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s certainly the case with this team. The Test Team of the Year protects the customer journey by offering expertise in a variety of areas, maintains a high motivation to deliver the highest quality software in every release and shares test results with the rest of the business. 
  7. Agile Test Team of the Year: Change is a fact of life for this team. The Agile Test Team of the Year knows better than anyone how to adapt to continuously changing requirements, accelerated release cadences and the need for continuous testing. This team doesn’t rest on its laurels either, having established the necessary mindset, processes and feedback loops to regularly improve throughout the software delivery cycle. 

Nominate Your Testing Hero Today 

Do you know a testing hero? Submit your nomination by June 30 to recognize this person for their contributions to software testing — all it takes is sharing a name and email address. 

Learn more about the Testing Heroes Awards and make your nomination