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Product updates

LiveCompare February update: Smart insight dashboard & impact trends for improved testing accuracy

The latest release of LiveCompare is here! We’re excited to showcase improvements in LiveCompare 3.9.4 that promote greater test accuracy and provide insight into progress towards total test coverage and zero defects.

This release can be summed up in two words: insight and accuracy. The new Smart Insight dashboard adds the dimension of time to LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis. Tracking the trend of test gaps over time should trend towards zero. Smart Insight captures test coverage data related to the SAP objects that matter most to your business.

Historically, LiveCompare has led to incredible reductions in test scope by identifying impacted and most at-risk SAP objects to focus on during a broad range of change events. With this latest release, LiveCompare further reduces the scope for changes related to data, the most common local change type.

When integrated with Tosca, LiveCompare will filter test hits to highlight those that reference specific changes in data. This reduction both improves the accuracy of your testing efforts and saves time by removing unnecessary tests. Read the rest of the blog for more information.

Release highlights

  • Smart Insight
  • Tosca Test Data Integration

New Smart Insight Dashboard

Our latest LiveCompare release features a dashboard that provides a trend assessment of test coverage of the business-critical SAP objects in your environment. This starts with those that are most at risk.

The challenge and how it works

There are many stakeholders in testing. For example, as a QA Manager I want to track the trend of test gaps over time. It should trend to zero. When running smart impact analysis in LiveCompare 3.9.4, the most at-risk objects and related test cases are date-stamped and stored in a database. Other stakeholders may be more interested in tracking which SAP objects are most frequently used. LiveCompare now offers insight into the most used SAP objects, including APIs, which can help pinpoint other important areas to test.

Highlighted features

  • Monthly test coverage analysis of most at-risk SAP objects
  • Monthly test coverage analysis of used SAP objects, including APIs
  • Insight data stored in a Tricentis Analytics-ready data source

Tosca Test Data Integration

LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis is proven to reduce test scope by an average of 85%. In this release, we’ve added a further degree of accuracy when integrating LiveCompare with Tosca.

The quality formula can be reduced to:

Let’s say we change the configuration of a sales order document type. Chances are good that LiveCompare will tag Create Sales Order (VA01) as the most at-risk “process” object to test. But we may have dozens of test cases in Tosca that reference VA01. That can still be a lot of work.

  • LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis reduces process test scope by 85%
  • LiveCompare’s unique smart data analysis when integrated with Tosca reduces test cases by 85%