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Product updates

May 2020 LiveCompare update: SAP certification, authorization NOTE impact analysis, & API impact analysis

With the release of LiveCompare 4.0, we’re excited to announce our SAP certification renewal & expanded support for Smart Impact Analysis!

SAP Certification

Team LiveCompare once again worked hard to ensure a smooth SAP certification process. The process is repeated every three years, and it is always a pleasure working with the professionals at SAP.  

Authorization NOTE impact analysis

SAP release corrections come in packages as support packs, or as individual fixes called NOTEs. Ultimately, all NOTEs will end up in a support pack; however, applying them one at a time is less disruptive. Applying a NOTE that contains changes to activities related to authorization objects requires a special level of understanding to determine impact. It’s challenging to find an optimal set of SAP application capabilities, security authorization roles, and dialog and/or system accounts to validate the change and ensure we release to production with zero defects.

LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis excels at identifying impacted and most-at-risk SAP objects during any kind of change event, including local and third part transports, ChaRM change requests, and SAP support & enhancement packs. Smart Impact Analysis has supported the analysis of applying NOTEs for many years. However, in this release, we’ve added a further degree of accuracy when applying NOTEs that contain embedded security authorization changes. This scenario is depicted in the image below, where we focus on the changing object related to the NOTE and identify all impacted and most-at-risk SAP application capabilities, as well as the users who execute them. In addition, we also identify the security authorization roles that are impacted by that same changing object that the SAP NOTE addresses.

Tricentis LiveCompare - AI Impact Analysis for SAP

The Authorization NOTE Impact Analysis makes it clear which applications and roles are impacted by the changing object and the users who have access to the impacted roles and are using the impacted & most-at-risk applications.

API impact analysis

The rise of APIs accounts for significant portion of SAP functional usage footprints. In LiveCompare 4.0 we’ve extended our Smart Impact Analysis support to include Web Services. Promoting Web Services, along with related Classes, Methods, and Remote Functions, to the testable surface layer will help teams align test creation efforts to focus on this growing, business-critical trend.

Smart Impact Analysis identifies impacted and most-at-risk APIs and their test coverage status. Covered APIs are added to test execution areas of qTest and Tosca automatically and most-at-risk APIs with no related tests are turned into new test requirements, assisting you with your test creation priorities. Get those critical SAP APIs covered today with LiveCompare 4.0.