LiveCompare 4.1 makes it easy to shift SAP testing left and detect defects early

Date: Oct. 02, 2020

New Developer Impact Analysis capability makes in-sprint unit testing more efficient and cost-effective for SAP developers.

In LiveCompare 4.1, released earlier this week, we introduced a new capability that brings the value of LiveCompare’s AI-driven impact analysis to the earliest stages of the DevOps lifecycle. With Developer Impact Analysis, LiveCompare can now automatically detect when SAP changes are made by developers and analyze the impact of those changes on production systems. This enables your SAP teams to shift SAP testing even further left and deliver higher-quality SAP releases faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before.

Developer Impact Analysis provides ABAP developers with fast insight into the actual risks their changes will introduce to production systems. It can also tell them which automated tests they need to run or create as a result, making unit testing more efficient and effective at detecting defects and reducing risk.

Key benefits of Developer Impact Analysis include:

  • Reduced risk: LiveCompare can identify the need for unit tests that were not previously on a developer’s radar, such as tests for impacted APIs.
  • Unit test prioritization: LiveCompare tells developers which unit tests to run first, based on risk to impacted functionality on production systems.
  • Automated process: Developer Impact Analysis is completely automated. Developers automatically get results in their inbox when LiveCompare detects developer-related changes.

By analyzing the impact of developer changes while you are still in the development phase of your software development lifecycle, LiveCompare helps your SAP developers find defects when they are fastest, easiest, and cheapest to fix. The table below, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), shows just how much this shift-left approach can save your teams in terms of effort and cost.

Here’s how easy Developer Impact Analysis is to use:

  1. Configure the system names, email addresses for notifications, and default intervals at which you want LiveCompare to check for changes. Developer Impact Analysis will then run automatically in the background.
  2. When LiveCompare detects development changes, it runs an analysis on those changes and sends an email with a link to the results.
  3. The developer can then see the complete impact analysis of their changes, including which tests they need to run or create based on the risks of their changes.

LiveCompare customers can start using Developer Impact Analysis today by downloading LiveCompare 4.1 from the Tricentis support portal.

If you’re not yet using Tricentis LiveCompare, contact us today to get started!

Date: Oct. 02, 2020