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Manual Testing in DevOps

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Manual Testing in DevOps

Many claim that manual testing has no place in DevOps. This simply isn’t true. Exploratory testing, for example, plays a key role in helping teams “shift left” detection of big blockers—so they can address them as efficiently as possible.

However, we do need to reduce the effort of human checking to an absolute minimum in high-speed environments. We need to reduce the effort it takes us (testers) to repeatedly push data through our products and check things manually, since it simply slows down the entire delivery process dramatically.

Reduction is the keyword, not disposal – and a natural consequence of that goal must be to automate as many (relevant) checks as fast as possible. Relevant checks are the checks that contribute most to the overall business risk coverage.

Risk-based testing becomes increasingly more important the faster you need to deliver your product, since the only decision you can make is how much left-over risk you are willing to accept when you release your software. Without deciding on an acceptable level of risk, you will never finish testing. Never! The time needed for testing is infinitely larger than the time available.

Automating all your checks shouldn’t be your goal – you should automate what matters most to your business, and this is usually a much smaller amount of checks than you might think. Keep in mind as well, that some of those relevant checks simply make more sense as manual tasks. There will always be manual checks that will have to be done regularly.

Manual Testing in DevOps Webinar

With the growing pressure of digital disruption, enterprises find themselves facing the need for speed—and change. DevOps has emerged to enable this change and help speed up time to market and cross-team collaboration. As a result, DevOps has transformed how we test and our daily testing routines.

But what does this mean for manual testing? Have you made the decision to use it or lose it?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why the adoption of DevOps doesn’t mean the death of manual testing.

You will learn:

  • What the future holds for the role of manual testing and UI test automation
  • How teams can achieve their required level of testing, without slowing down the acceleration initiative
  • What these changes mean for testing service providers

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