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Product updates

OSV update: Reduce MIPS testing costs with mainframe service virtualization

Tricentis Orchestrated Service Virtualization (OSV) gets a huge upgrade with its new support for CICS Mainframe protocols that will drastically reduce testing costs while increasing test automation scope. Mainframe systems get billed by each transaction incurred. This means that if you’re directly testing Mainframe systems or testing applications that use Mainframe transactions, costs quickly add up.

These high costs limit testing teams by either increasing their testing costs, limiting the testing scope, or causing them to skip testing entirely. When you add in the need to complete performance testing, the cost implications become even larger.

With this February 2020 release, OSV removes these cost constraints by simulating the downstream communication to Mainframe gateways so that you can test more, with fewer costs. 

service virtualization update

OSV for Mainframe Service Virtualization

With our new CICS support, teams don’t have to pay more for their MIPS transactions. Instead, we can use Tosca’s model-based approach to configure and simulate any communication to CICS. This results in the ability to simulate more than 500 transactions per second and succeed in achieving the optimal level of risk coverage.

In the video below, we use a copybooks example to show how easy it is to manage these protocols. After data importation, we can create fixed-length messages and logically display them in table views. From here, teams can manage these protocols similar to how they already manage REST, SOAP, JMS, and others.

The OSV Difference

Tackling CICS virtualization can be daunting, especially when teams have leveraged legacy service virtualization tools like CA Service Virtualization (e.g. Lisa, DevTest) in the past. Teams using these CA legacy solutions tend to complain about high deployments costs, increasing operating costs, and highly customizable code that can’t be managed.

Here’s why Tricentis OSV is a different and more sustainable service virtualization tool:

  • ‘No-code’ approach to managing service abstraction layers  
  • Integration with test automation and performance testing
  • Lower deployment and operating costs
  • Ability to simulate stateful behavior
  • Zero reprogramming of system logic required

Reach out to us today to experience a new and more stable way to virtualize Mainframe gateways for your continuous testing needs.