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Tricentis wins 2020 Peak Tech Laureates award for DevOps/Testing

For introducing the state-of-the-art software testing platform that helped accelerate GBST’s digital transformation, Tricentis has been awarded the 2020 Peak Tech Laureates award for DevOps/Testing. At Tricentis, our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience and the world’s most innovative and comprehensive testing platform. As Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri noted in an interview with The Peak, we are honored to be recognized with this award, which demonstrates our commitment to excellence and global leadership in the DevOps space. Here is the award-wining submission.

Tricentis’ winning submission

In the financial services industry, the market for software providers is a highly competitive one. To stay ahead, Australia-based custom technology solutions provider for financial services GBST embarked on a digital transformation program to enhance the digital customer experience for its clients by making its development and testing processes more efficient, and its servicing less costly.

However, the testing team hit a roadblock when the test automation frameworks they tried adopting failed to meet their needs. The remaining option, manual testing, was not feasible because it would be too slow and expensive.

To improve its delivery of timely and innovative software to its clients, GBST needed a new test automation approach that was reliable, robust, maintainable, scalable and cost-effective. Enter Tricentis, a software testing company that ticked all the right boxes.

Tricentis Tosca, a codeless test automation solution, enabled automated test cases to be generated based on models. This eliminated the need to manually programme a test automation framework, thus significantly speeding up the software release process.

Unlike manual and most test automation solutions, Tricentis Tosca’s no-code approach also means tests can be created and maintained even by business testers without an extensive programming background, giving them a way to directly contribute to the testing process. Another plus is its flexibility in testing a wide range of enterprise applications and technologies.

Since GBST implemented test automation with Tricentis Tosca, the company has experienced an 80% increase in efficiency when executing tests. Releasing software updates at a faster pace has also enabled potential defects to be detected earlier for easier and less costly fixes, and enabled a smooth user experience when software enhancements are carried out. By improving its digital customer experience and significantly reducing the number of confirmed production defects, GBST has gained confidence in releasing high-quality applications quickly and consistently.

To learn more about how GBST accelerated testing with Tricentis, read the case study.

About the Peak Tech Laureates

The Peak Tech Laureates celebrate the best of what Singapore’s tech industry has to offer. The awards are designed to honor technology partners who empower enterprises with innovative solutions that help customers digitally transform their businesses, resulting in greater competitive advantage, operational efficiency, enhanced productivity, and improved customer experiences.