qTest update: Enhanced requirements traceability, APIs, security and integrations


Tricentis Staff

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We are kicking off 2020 with several enhancements to Tricentis qTest, including improved traceability, API test creation, security and integration capabilities. Read more about how these enhancements will improve your Agile test management.

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No more orphan test cases

Orphan test cases are test cases that are unlinked to requirements. These are a huge pain point for testing teams, as test managers end up having to sift through potentially thousands of test cases to identify which ones actually help satisfy business requirements.

To ease this burden, qTest Manager now offers an administrative option that forces test cases to be linked to a requirement before that test case can be approved. This optional setting is flexible and allows administrators to clearly define who does or does not have to apply by this rule. Now, testing teams will never have to hunt down orphan test cases again.

Enhanced APIs make for easier test design

qTest OnPremise users can now use our APIs to create test cases and test runs with parameters. These parameters can automatically be placed on the test steps, making test design that much easier.

This enhancement applies to:

  • Test Case APIs
  • Test Run APIs

qTest makes testing more secure

Security is more important than ever — especially when operating in a cloud environment. We all know that preventing issues is much more cost-effective than trying to fix them after a breach has already occurred.

With this release, we have introduced automatic security scanning on attachments for all qTest Cloud customers. This scan will catch any malware or viruses that may be trying to hide in attachments, leaving your testing instance secure.

Improved Tosca integration for Cloud

We have enhanced our qTest – Tosca integration for Cloud customers. You can now export Test Cases, along with more Test Case data, from Tosca to qTest Manager. This allows more relevant Tosca Test Case information to appear in qTest after having automated the Test Case in Tosca.

This only applies to qTest Cloud, but similar enhancements will continue to be made for OnPremise customers in upcoming releases.


Tricentis Staff