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SAP testing simplified with new Tricentis Academy course

Tricentis Academy is built around our customers. Ensuring that you have easy access to all the education tools you need for success with the Tricentis platform is at the core of everything we do. 

As part of that mission, Tricentis Academy routinely creates sector-leading training content, from our library of courses to short self-help videos and live webinars. The Academy team constantly innovates to make sure we’re continuously improving our offerings, leading to winning the TSIA STAR Award in 2019 and being finalists this year

Turbocharge your SAP testing 

Following the amazing news that Tricentis and SAP are now partnering to revolutionize SAP testing, the Academy team has devoted considerable resources to creating education content on SAP testing. We’re excited to announce a brand-new course: SAP Testing Specialist Level 1. You can enroll in SAP Testing Specialist Level 1 today. 

The one-day course is laser-focused on how to effectively test SAP. Upon completion, you will know how to create effective SAP-focused tests rapidly and efficiently.  

The course covers the following points:  

  • First steps with Tosca: create your workspace and manage it according to best practices 
  • SAP standard modules: where to find them and how to use some of the most important ones 
  • Scan your SAP instance: use XScan to create re-usable modules  
  • Create automated TestCases: build a resilient automated SAP TestCase based on Tricentis’ model-based test automation approach 
  • Use dynamic text and dates to make your TestCases even more resilient 
  • Create, link, and manage your ExecutionLists 
  • Create and manage your Testing Requirements 
  • Use the Automated Recording Assistant (ARA) to speed up your Module and TestCase creation 
  • Use LiveCompare to identify the most at-risk requirements and detect “sick” TestCases in your repository. 

Since this is an entry-level course, the only prerequisites are: 

  • General IT knowledge 
  • SAP infrastructure basic knowledge 

Easy course access through Tricentis School 

We are also delighted to share that this course is absolutely free of charge and exclusively available in our new easy-to-use learning platform, Tricentis School. To access Tricentis School, quickly enroll and you can immediately access our new SAP testing course, plus 14 other Academy courses – all free of charge. It is now easier than ever to get a training license to kickstart your training in no time.  

Ready to fast-track your SAP testing? Enroll for SAP Testing Specialist Level 1 today.