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What to Expect in the Scaling Agile & DevOps Track at Tricentis Accelerate San Francisco

Accelerate San Francisco is just days away! If you’re not joining us in person for the No. 1 Continuous Testing conference next Wednesday and Thursday May 22-23, you can still join the party via livestream. We’ve put together an outstanding lineup of educational sessions that will help you expand your horizons and think big about the profound role software quality will play in shaping the future of our world. To get a sense of what to expect in the Scaling Agile & DevOps track, check out the top Agile testing sessions from our Quality Jam Atlanta conference last year.

Effective Quality Leadership presented by Adam Satterfield

Are you interested in learning how to more effectively lead a group of quality professionals? Or are you curious about what it takes to become a leader? In this session, Adam Satterfield, Technology Program Director at Anthem, guides us through the challenges, pitfalls and highlights of effective quality leadership.

Don’t miss Adam’s Tricentis Accelerate session, “University of You: A Plan to Learn Quality of the Future,” livestreaming Wednesday May 22 at 3:40 p.m. PDT.

USAA: What To Do When Everyone Wants a Different Testing Tool

Learn how USAA has overcome the challenges of the ever-increasing variety of testing tools available by providing tool choice, while still maintaining best in class tooling support and integration into its delivery pipeline.

At Accelerate this year, Tricentis VP and Enterprise Evangelist (and former tester!) Elise Carmichael will share strategies for overcoming this and other challenges associated with a diverse testing toolstack in “Open Source Testing – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,” livestreaming on Thursday at 2:10 p.m. PDT.

4Qs of Devops: Understanding the DevOps Journey Through Use of a Simple Maturity Model presented by Brian Dawson

In the opening keynote at Quality Jam Atlanta 2018, Brian Dawson, DevOps Evangelist at Cloudbees, reviews the organizational DevOps journey using a simplified maturity model. In this session, you’ll learn the characteristics of organizations within each quadrant, as well as strategies for accelerating your organization’s journey to DevOps maturity.

Continuous Integration and How It Affects Testing presented by Paul Merrill

In this session, Paul Merrill, Founder of Beaufort Fairmont, discusses where continuous integration originated, how it has evolved over time and why it is such a major part of the competitive landscape of software development today.

Communicating Risk Because You Can’t Test Everything presented by Jenny Bramble

In this session, Jenny Bramble, Software Test Engineer at WillowTree, talks about building a risk matrix and why we should even bother. You’ll come out of the talk with a helpful language that you can use to communicate more clearly and an understanding of risk assessment. Included will be a heavy dose of jokes, storytelling, anecdotes and pictures of her cat Dante.

If you liked Jenny’s Quality Jam session, check out our recent episode of Continuous Testing Live, in which Jenny joins us to talk about her approach to defining risk, what it has in common with art and how she became an expert in risk-based testing.

To learn more about what’s on offer at Accelerate San Francisco next week, check out the agenda and livestream schedule.