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Mobile testing

July 2019 release streamlines mobile test automation with reusable Tosca modules for Android and iOS

This year we’ve made some big updates for Tosca mobile automation including supporting parallel execution and a live view for remotely testing devices. This July update is all about making mobile automation more efficient and removing any friction involved with the setup for mobile test automation.   

Reuse Test Modules Across Android and iOS 

If you are testing native Android or iOS apps, you can now reuse the same test automation modules across mobile applications with Tricentis Tosca. Maintaining one source of truth allows you to cut Android and iOS test case maintenance by 50%.

Reusable Modules Streamline Mobile Testing

In the example below, we demonstrate how easy it is to scan and store modules recorded on an Android device and reuse them for iOS automation.

Within the module folder, right click and select the scan option for the Mobile 3.0 native engine to launch the XScan menu.

After you scan the Android application and select modules to save, you can label them as xOS in order to identify that they can be used across operating systems. Then use xOS modules to build Tosca test cases and steps.

Lastly, drag and drop the xOS test cases into the Android and iOS configurations to execute automation across both operating systems.

Test Exceuction with Mobile

Improved Image Based Mobile Automation  

Some mobile controls just don’t want to be recognized and automated. This is a huge challenge for mobile automation, since object and control recognition are needed to build test automation suites. If these controls can’t be recognized, you’ll end up with an incomplete set of test cases with inadequate risk coverage.  

Tosca solves this problem with the same image based recognition you’ve used for web and desktop. The July release introduces new and improved user interface for mobile recognition.  

Image Based Automation in Action 

The first thing you’ll notice is a new console for mobile image recognition. By using the image scanner, you can select which areas need recognition and label each area with a control type. In the example below, we are using the scanner to highlight the occupation text-box and gender radio button.

Once the controls are recognized and saved, we can customize the control names and adjust the accuracy of the image scanning to make sure this is selected properly during test automation.

After scanning is complete, these modules are imported into Tosca to start test case design.


Start Automating iOS Faster

Let’s face it, you want to start mobile test automation as soon as possible. What if we said, “No more!” to manual configuration scripts? 

The latest release introduces a new macOS Mobile Configuration Wizard that will automatically configure Mac machines for Tosca mobile automation. The wizard establishes a remote connection to your Mac machine and guides you through the process of installing all the necessary components for the Mobile Engine 3.0.

How To Use the Wizard 

Access the wizard through the Tosca Commander UI. Simply right click within your project and select the macOS Mobile Configuration Wizard to begin the automatic setup.