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Overcome the top three challenges associated with agile testing [webinar recap]

In Agile and DevOps environments, people tend to think only of test automation, release orchestration, and continuous deployment and delivery methods. These are all critical but aren’t sufficient alone — enterprises must also modernize their testing strategies to ensure alignment with the rest of the software delivery pipeline.

Enterprises must ask themselves one important question – do they have the proper toolset and practices to support their digital transformation initiatives?

In a recent Tricentis webinar, two of our product experts discussed the top three challenges within agile testing teams, as well as some solutions to improve your enterprise’s testing strategy.

1.Disconnected teams

The problems associated with siloed teams were some of the main drivers behind agile’s popularity — but in reality, silos often still exist. Silos are still the killers of productivity and efficiency. Connection and communication between people in product management, development, testing and operations are the keys to eliminating discord. According to Alex Drag, one of the webinar presenters, this breakdown often becomes evident when development teams switch to Jira. He says, “Testers are often unequipped [to collaborate in an agile environment], as they either have tools [without a] true integration with Jira or integrations that simply can’t scale to the enterprise level.” Using a tool like Tricentis qTest for agile test management, which integrates in real time with Jira, can help your team eliminate some of these pain points by enabling rapid, two-way feedback.

2.De-centralized test automation strategy

Test automation in agile and DevOps environments is both “very complex and very imminent,” Drag noted. (A Tricentis survey showed that the majority of enterprises are using at least some test automation but often struggle to scale beyond 20% of the total test suite.) Enterprises use a variety of test automation solutions to meet their testing needs, which typically includes blend of open source and commercial tools. While a variety of tools offer endless possibility, having so many to manage can often get in the way of teams’ ability to unify and scale their testing strategy, or to understand its overall impact. But here at Tricentis, we believe test automation is for anyone and everyone. Test management like Tricentis qTest, which integrates with any open source or proprietary test automation tool (including Tricentis Tosca of course!), can help your team create a true end-to end-experience, from scheduling and kicking off test automation to reporting on results, regardless of tool choice.

3.Poor visibility and reporting

Even if your teams manage to overcome the previous two challenges, your efforts may be difficult to quantify if your enterprise doesn’t have clear visibility and succinct reporting. With test result data scattered across multiple tools, reporting becomes a complex, manual process which makes it difficult to tell a comprehensive, compelling story or track ROI, whether you are reporting to upper level management or to your coworkers. The ability to report across multiple tools in a single interface, like the one offered with Tricentis Analytics, can enable teams to develop custom reports efficiently, from the portfolio level to the C-Suite. Watch the webinar to see a demo of Tricentis Analytics, where Drag gives you a quick rundown on how easy this tool is to use, regardless of your automation strategy.

Testing continues to be a barrier to innovation and accelerated software delivery in many organizations, but it doesn’t have to be. Watch the webinar to learn more about how to improve your agile test automation and management strategy, how our tools can help, and to listen to the in-depth Q&A session.