Top 3 Reasons to use SaaS

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Top 3 Reasons to use SaaS

The past couple of years have seen an increase in modern applications approaching software delivery with Software as a Service models as private users as well as enterprises continually move towards the adoption of ‘cloud computing’. Applications such as Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud Office alternative, or, a widely used CRM system, spring to mind immediately. These cloud-based products enable customers to move mission critical tasks and processes to the cloud, thereby leveraging its advantages.

Here are the top 3 reasons for using SaaS in your team, department or organization:
1.    Reducing total cost of ownership
Everyday things that end up being expensive and time consuming without SaaS:

  • Acquiring hardware to meet every vendor’s specific requirements
  • Deploying software
  • Maintaining and keeping it up to date
  • Add the inflexibility of on-premise software, additional servers that you may need to run fat clients and IT/ops personnel to the mix and you can understand why a lot of organizations are forcing the move towards SaaS applications whenever possible.

2.    Improving agility, scalability and flexibility
With SaaS models, scaling up teams become a matter of configuration. There is no longer a need for:

  • Hardware requests (meeting specific requirements),
  • A Request for deployment of several applications
  • A request for account permissions before adding new members to your team
  • Generally in SaaS applications, you are able to invite new users to your project using the applications’ config screen. Team members can be added in minutes, not weeks, and can be moved (or even removed) from and to different projects.
  • Additionally, you can use SaaS applications independent of your local device type or operating system.

3.    Painless updates and upgrades
A SaaS model relieves you of the pains that software updates and upgrades usually cause, such as:

  • Planning roll outs for weeks,
  • Testing them extensively up-front to avoid any disruptions
  • Haggling with IT to find a time window that suits their and your needs.
  • SaaS software usually upgrades automatically, silently and without the help or even involvement of your stressed out IT department.

Tricentis recently released a new product, we proudly call Tosca as a Service (TaaS). With it we deliver Tosca Testsuite in a SaaS architecture. It is a rich and new experience that is packaged with everything Tosca has to offer (manual testing, test management, reporting, requirements and test case design a.k.a. risk coverage optimization) in the cloud. All you need is a modern web browser and you are good to go. We put a lot of effort in making this a seamless experience and are happy to say that there is no difference in how you use Tosca: either in the cloud or on-premise, the user experience is the same. You can even mix and match them and have on-premise and cloud installations work together in the same project.  Stay up to date with new developments, our dev team is already working towards providing web test automation with the next version of TaaS.

Learn more about Tosca as a Service (TaaS) through our Solutions Page and our short video demo of TaaS.  If you have any additional questions about adding the benefits of SaaS to your testing, you can reach us here.