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Tosca BI - Row by Row Updates

Product updates

Tosca BI/DWH update: Relative tolerance capabilities, automatic wizard connections, and improved metadata performance

Row-by-row comparison is one of the most used features for Tosca BI/DWH. In this update, we’ve added one of the most requested enhancements for this feature: absolute and relative tolerances.

Check out this hotly requested feature plus automatic wizard setup, improved metadata performance, and added CI/CD support with TC API updates. 

New Absolute and Relative Tolerance Functionality 

We understand that finding and reporting data irregularities is critical to maintaining decision integrity. However, when comparing data sources, our customers gave feedback that they wanted to set certain tolerance levels for numeric values. 

With our latest update, we now provide greater flexibility by adding absolute and relative tolerance options for numeric comparison in row-by-row comparison. 

In the past, we compared the source and target data only as strings. Although the string comparison worked correctly, we now can set different precisions of the numeric values to accept or reject data comparisons.  

In the example above, we’ve added a new tolerance section for the row-by-row comparison. Here, we are saying that we will accept a comparison if the data difference remains between six decimal points as a relative tolerance.

Passed Result
Source Data: 104.12758359
Target Data: 104.12758356
Failed Result
Source Data: 104.12768359
Source Data: 104.12758359

Faster Wizard Connections and Increased Metadata Performance 

To eliminate manual errors, we’ve removed the manual step of wizard connections after the test cases are created. Now, your test case templates will automatically populate with the wizard connections upon test case creation. 

Database smoke testing involves metadata tests that check the schema of the tables before end-to-end database testing begins. These tests make sure the environment is still working across 1000s of tables that affect countless of other system tables.  

This product update improves execution speeds of metadata tests by over 600%, just by keeping database connections open at the test step and test case level. These improvements will be especially significant with Oracle testing, which tends to require longer connection times. 

Added CI/CD Support with TC API Updates 

In the past, users could only update their test cases manually within the Tosca commander UI. Now, test case updates can be done through TC Shell, TC API, and the TC Rest API. This means you can now automatically update test sheets that are created by the Vital Checks Wizard through our API’s.  

Check out the API documentation for Tosca BI to learn how to update your tests.