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Tosca Commander Updates

Product updates

Tosca Commander update: Improved admin, password security, and backup capabilities

In our 2020 February release, we gave Tosca administrators an improved onboarding experience, more password enforcements, and a flexible way to backup Tosca repositories.

Onboard Tosca Users Easier with Email Workflows 

Tosca administrators can now easily onboard new users through configured email invites. In our Service Configuration, administrators can now define SMTP settings to invite new Tosca users. This gives our administrators a convenient invite flow that’ is fully automated. This is the first step in larger user administration enhancements so check back later for more workflow options coming soon.

Watch the below video on how to invite users with our new email workflows.

Enhanced Security with Stricter Password Policies

We’ve added enhanced security by enforcing stricter password policies within the Tricentis Service Configuration. Now when you access the Service Configuration, you can define password policies using RegEx, define how often a user is allowed to enter an incorrect password and set how long users will be logged out of the system. The user will be forced to wait during the defined timespan before they can do the next login attempt or they can reset their password to skip the wait time. Admins can also set the number of unique passwords before the same password can be reused.

Watch the video below to see our new password enhancements.

Manage and Split Large Repositories 

When teams start to work with Tosca, they usually store everything in one repository. As the teams begin to scale, they can run into the problem of having too many unused artifacts from old projects.

Customers can now backup their Tosca repository at the folder level, rather than just the repository level. This helps teams manage large repositories in a more flexible manner. This new feature allows you to easily create backups of component folders and split them into different repositories once projects start to grow.

Watch the below video on how we can easily split repositories into multiple projects.

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