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July 2019 release adds support for OPEN API 3.0, CDATA parameters (plus, see a preview of our new OSV UI)

A major goal of ours this year was to enable testers using Tricentis Tosca to do more API testing. In the July 2019 release, we’ve extended API testing support for both modern apps that leverage open 3.0, as well as legacy applications using CDATA markup for XML.

But that’s not all.

Keep reading to see an exclusive preview of the upcoming Tosca OSV (Orchestrated Service virtualization) that we hope will get you excited about beginning your service virtualization journey.

OpenAPI 3.0 Support

Tosca API testing now supports importing OpenAPI 3.0 specifications. OpenAPI remains one of the most often used definition standard for Web APIs for both small companies and large enterprises.

This highly requested feature will pair nicely with our recent updates to API module maintenance, making it easy to pinpoint which APIs need to be updated based on specification changes.

Tosca Supports openAPI 3.0

In the example below, we show you how to import OpenAPI 3.0 specifications, as well as how you can use Tosca’s powerful API Scan feature to rapidly update API testing modules if specification changes occur.

CDATA Parameter Support

Some of you might be asking, “What’s CDATA and why should I care?” It’s a good question. If your end-to-end test automation involves interacting with an ESB, you should probably keep reading this post.

Tosca API Testing End to End with CDATA

CDATA markup is often used when engineers try to wrap legacy systems with newer interfaces or implement a new approach when introducing ESBs. Therefore, they often are using a CDATA markup approach to put XML content into other XMLs. In these complex scenarios, performing end-to-end test automation requires proper support for CDATA. .

Watch the video below to see how Tosca supports XML CDATA with module attributes and views so you can easily add data parameters to API test cases.

New OSV User Interface

Tricentis Tosca’s OSV (Orchestrated Service Virtualization) is getting a new look that you’re going to love. Tosca OSV’s key differentiation rapidly creates virtual services from your Tosca API test modules. The updated user interface will make it even easier for you to start your virtualization journey, so you’re always ready to run continuous testing when systems under test are not available.

Check out the new look below and see the what new features are coming soon:

  • Web based UI — no more client installation required
  • UX overhaul with embedded documentation
  • New REST API
  • Connected to Tricentis User Management
OSV New UI Preview