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Product updates

Tosca update: New automation object service, TDM importation, and easier upgrades

New Tosca enhancements for November include a new platform for running Distributed Execution, new test data management import options, and easier Tosca version upgrades.

New Distributed Execution Platform for Rapid Tosca Setup

Tosca DEX (Distributed Execution) helps teams scale the execution of their Tosca automation from hundreds to thousands of machines. This allows teams to get immediate feedback from their test results.

For example, a typical use case would be to run 5,000+ end-to-end test cases overnight within a period of a few hours. These end-to-end test cases run through test scenarios that touch multiple backend and frontend systems. DEX helps eliminate the test execution bottleneck by quickly distributing these tests so you can get immediate feedback from test results.

Today we’ve introduced a new platform for Tosca DEX that uses an Automated Object Service to rapidly distribute test execution from the Tosca Commander without complex configuration. This new approach allows you to set up and run your tests as fast as possible, without the need for workspace and agent setup.

New Excel and CSV Import Options for TDM 

The centerpiece of Tosca Test Data Management, the Test Data Service, is offering you a new level of interaction, services, and performance.

It’s common to have test data created and shared through Excel and CSV files throughout your organization. However, to properly integrate test data into Tosca test automation, customers should utilize Tosca TDM to store and centrally access this data.

With our new release, you can now upload data from these file formats through the web UI or the Tosca API. Within a few clicks, you extend existing test data or automatically create new data sets in a repository from the upload.

Our updated TDM UI/UX makes it easier than ever to search specific data, edit data records, add new records and delete records. To analyze the data with other team members, you can simply export the data sets to CSV or Excel.

We’ve also added MSSQL Server and Oracle as databases for test data repositories.

Easier Upgrades and New Tosca Commander Functionality

We significantly invested in the Tosca database schema to enhance the handling of different versions. This change solves the incompatibility issues of using different Tosca versions on the same common repository or using Tosca Commander versions with different add-ins installed.

Now, upgrades will take around half the normally required effort.

New Commander Features

Restore Deleted Objects: Deleted objects can be restored out of the Version History. This will help testers revive objects that were accidentally deleted.

Export Flow Diagram: Users can now export their test case as a flow diagram to PDF in order to share it with stakeholders for review.