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The hype cycle also applies to training—here’s how Tricentis Academy beats it!

If you’re a software testing professional, you probably follow technology and emerging tech trends. You are also likely aware of the hype cycle: the idea that when a new technology emerges, there is a set reaction regarding how “visible” the technology is.

This typically occurs in multiple stages.

  • Stage 1 – Technology trigger: In the early days, everyone is excited and predicting that this technology will change the world. At this point, you can’t escape people talking about it (think Artificial intelligence, Quantum computing, etc.)
  • Stage 2 – Trough of disillusionment: The earlier hype has not been delivered, and the technology slips from view (think Augmented reality or Blockchain). This is a danger point: the technology can disappear forever (Social TV or Zune anyone?).
  • Stage 3 – Slope of enlightenment: Stability and refinement means that the technology is delivering on some of the hype, leading to market adoption and consistent visibility (for example, cloud technology).

The same principles apply after you complete a training course in your chosen software testing tool. How? Simply substitute the Y axis, visibility, with confidence in using the training in a real-life environment. Let’s run through this idea step by step.

Peak of inflated expectations

On completion of a great training (Automation Specialist Level 1 and Level 2, for example) you come out energized for the tasks ahead, eager to try out your new-found skills.  You feel prepared to automate tests that you previously thought to be un-automatable—and believe that nothing can stop you.

Trough of disillusionment

However, once you start working in the real world with the training wheels off and no solution video to guide you through the trickier bits, your confidence plummets. That simple TestCase is no longer so simple, that TestSheet has far too many Instances. All of a sudden, you doubt every step you take, and are tempted to return to those manual scripts.

Slope of enlightenment

For some companies, this is the learner’s problem, sink or swim. But here at the Tricentis Academy, we believe that it is our duty to continue to engage with and educate our customers all the way along their learning journey.  We have tools to act as your digital Sherpa, guiding you quickly past the trough of disillusionment with our User Tutorials and up the slope of enlightenment with our YouTube videos, getting you to the plateau to productivity and continuously testing with few “troughs” along the way.

User tutorials

Need a deep dive into a topic, or looking to understand a broader feature? Then our User Tutorials are for you. These instructional videos will look at a wider area of the software and give an overview of how to use the feature in real-life project scenarios. Settle down with a coffee and your headphones, and we will guide you through areas of Tricentis Tosca, Flood, or qTest that are new to you.

YouTube videos

In my day if you had a problem and no one else could help, we called the A-Team. Now, you Google it and find a YouTube video that solves the issue step by step. To aid you with your testing challenges, the whole Tricentis team – from Product Management to Consulting via our Developers – has dedicated time to distilling their collective wisdom into short “How To Videos.” We’ve collected them in a library of YouTube content that is designed to help you with problem solving.  On our channel, we have over 150 short instructional videos organized into logical playlists. These videos provide a quick overview of how to use an individual feature, or solve a common challenge maximizing the learner’s time and productivity. We add and update videos constantly. If you have a need and the video isn’t there, let us know and we will make it.

More eLearning

There are now 13 eLearning courses in the Academy catalog. Supplement your learning in areas you need or if you have a specialist role in mind then follow one of pathways on our certification “Bus Plan”. It’s great for your own personal development, and having certificates in one of the most sought-after software tools on the market never hurts your CV. [See our full catalog here]

Instructor-led training

We love eLearning, but we also love good old binary face-to-face training and coaching. Nothing is more effective than sitting down with an expert and working through your challenges together. That’s why our new Automation Specialist Practitioner course comes in. A highly-customizable modular course run by our world-class consultants will coach you through the day-to-day use of our tools. This really is an elevator ride to the plateau!

Additionally, if you are based out of India, head to Pune where Kavita Gupta, a former Tricentis Developer and now an Academy team member, will welcome you to our classrooms and run through some of our more advanced topics. Complete this and you are on a helicopter ride to the peak of productivity.

The resources I’ve presented so far are just the ones offered by Tricentis Academy! Don’t forget our award-winning support team is also available to help either directly or through self-service knowledge base articles. Our marketing team is regularly producing webinars on all the latest industry trends and strategies. And, for the ultimate deep dive, you can attend one of our conferences: Accelerate San Francisco, Accelerate Vienna and our India User Conferences.

So, if you want to avoid being the Social TV after completing your training course, check out all of the user tutorials and YouTube Micro Learning content as well as all of our other training options. Your success is our success!