Tricentis Q1 2021 release wave introduces updates to Tosca, qTest, and LiveCompare


Clint Sprauve

Product Marketing Director

Date: Mar. 01, 2021

The Tricentis Q1 2021 release includes the general availability of Tosca 14.1, qTest 10.3, and LiveCompare 4.3.

Tosca 14.1 strengthens its AI-driven object recognition, and adds capabilities to its Excel, PDF, API and SAP engines

Our VisionAI engine is learning new skills, and you are its teachers. In this release, we improved operational processes to deliver smarter, more resilient AI-driven test automation. Here is a quick recap of what’s in Tosca 14.1:

  • Cached detection: You now have the option cache detection on the server. This will improve the performance of your regression tests and strengthen VisionAI’s reliability in screen and object detection.
  • Wildcard functionality: We heard your requests and are happy to announce wildcard integration into VisionAI. Wildcards give you more flexibility when searching for multi-character elements and increase the adaptability of your tests, particularly in test verification processes.
  • SignalR API: You can now enjoy improved connectivity and access to VisionAI. We have removed environment restrictions, especially for those using corporate proxy firewalls that do not support GRPC/HTTP2/ALPN. We also enhanced performance on low-latency connections.
  • Hi Fidelity OCR: We are leveraging Azure’s OCR service for higher stability in combination with our self-built OCR for high-speed execution.

A big shout out to our amazing customers for providing us with tons of valuable feedback. Want exclusive access to the latest VisionAI innovations? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Partner Manager and send us your ideas.

Enhancements to the TBox framework engines:
  • Excel Engine 3.0: We extended our Excel spreadsheet steering capabilities to cover more advanced use cases and support a wider variety of test scenarios.
  • PDF Engine 3.0: You can now exclude pages during PDF automation, enabling you to verify elements that show up on alternating pages.
  • APIEngine 3.0: We added capabilities for automating Kafka messages, which are often used in open banking systems. Also, you can now test services that require multipart requests.
  • SAP: You can now use Tosca to test SAP Fiori 1.84, the Success Factors 2020 H2 release, and the Belize functionality of Sap Logon 7.6.
  • Test Configuration Parameters (TCPs): Instead of creating TCPs from scratch, you can now use the search and autofill capability. This makes it easier for you to find and create TCPs, reducing your maintenance.
  • XScan: Previously you had to close and reopen XScan to create a new Module. Now you can keep XScan open so long as you are working in Tosca.

Test configuration parameters: Search and autofill capability

Test Configuration Parameters: Search and Autofill Capability

qTest 10.3 includes critical fixes and performance enhancements

This release includes:

  • Webhooks functionality updates – We addressed critical issues from qTest 10.2.
  • Improved Jira integration – We added enhanced validation during setup and more accurate error messages for permissions-related issues.
LiveCompare 4.3 makes it faster and easier than ever for ABAP developers to deploy high quality code

In this release, we’re continuing to simplify the LiveCompare experience to make it easier for you to deliver faster, safer, lower cost SAP releases.


Highlights in this update include:

Automated unit testing and code quality checks for ABAP developers

Harvard Business Review just published an article stating that unit testing is a “tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming exercise” for developers that should be automated. LiveCompare 4.3 features unit test automation for SAP ABAP developers, enabling your development teams to innovate faster while releasing higher-quality code.

With LiveCompare 4.3, whenever a developer submits new ABAP code, LiveCompare’s Developer Impact Analysis automatically:

  • Executes ABAP Unit tests on the new code and generates insights on any failed tests.
  • Checks the quality of the code–including HANA optimizations.
  • Returns the results of the unit tests and quality checks within 30 minutes of code release.

By automating these tests for your entire development team, LiveCompare will help you standardize code quality across your organization. It will also help developers identify and resolve defects before their changes reach QA, where they are 10x more expensive to fix–or production, where they are 30x more expensive, in addition to the potential disruption and downtime they may cause. The result? Faster release times with higher quality and lower risk.

New dashboard makes it easy to quickly find results and monitor trends

To get you to the good stuff faster, we’ve added a dashboard as well as links to the latest reports to the LiveCompare home page. The new dashboard displays results from the latest change impact analysis as well as up-to-date trend analysis of test coverage of your most-at-risk SAP executables.

SAP Solution Manager is now a supported test repository

Great news for those who test with SAP Solution Manager! LiveCompare can now analyze test case “hits and gaps” for tests managed in SAP Solution Manager. This means you will always know which tests to run (or add) in Solution Manager to reduce the risks in your SAP deployments.


Clint Sprauve

Product Marketing Director

Date: Mar. 01, 2021