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Test automation

Extending Selenium and Appium test automation in the Cloud, Tricentis acquires TestProject

TestProject expands Tricentis’ support for the open source community, scaling and simplifying test automation for any tester—from startup to Global 2000 enterprise

I’m excited to announce that Tricentis has acquired TestProject, a first-of-its-kind community-powered test automation platform designed for Agile teams. As part of its commitment to TestProject, Tricentis will be investing in research and development to advance the product, extend the community, and help testers master best practices for web, Android, and iOS test automation.

Tricentis is a company that has always placed the tester first. By joining forces with TestProject, we strengthen our commitment to democratizing test automation, providing an open platform for innovation. Working with enterprises, we’ve witnessed a distinct need to scale open source testing frameworks across the enterprise. TestProject, with its cloud-based, community-driven technology, delivers a scalable and collaborative solution.

TestProject: A free community-powered test automation platform

TestProject is built on the leading open source tools: Selenium and Appium. It supports all major operating systems, and enables any software team to test web, Android, and iOS apps using a “low-code/no-code” approach. With the community-driven approach, automation building blocks are shared with the entire community—reducing the time required to construct robust automation. AI-based matching automatically analyzes the application under test and recommends addons that will enhance the tests.

TestProject will retain its free, community-based offering and will operate independently, providing an open platform for all testers in all industries. Testers can continue using the programming languages, tools, and operating systems of their choice for their projects.  Moreover, TestProject users can enhance their test automation with additional Tricentis capabilities for Agile test management, load testing, and end-to-end testing. Tricentis will leverage its partnerships with leading cloud providers like Microsoft and AWS to extend its current lead in cloud testing.

TestProject’s current CEO, Mark Kardashov, will become Managing Director of TestProject and the TestProject team will continue driving TestProject’s innovation within Tricentis.

“I’m extremely proud of what TestProject and our community have accomplished over the past several years, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead,” Kardashov said. “Testing is a critical piece of any software development pipeline, and I’m thrilled to be joining forces with the market leader, Tricentis, to ensure every tester is empowered. Tricentis’ focus on the tester aligns perfectly with our own, and Tricentis’ scale, tools, and global brand will play a huge role in making TestProject the leader in community-powered test automation.”

The testing community on TestProject

Since TestProject is a community-driven platform, I’d like to close by sharing the testing community’s perspectives on TestProject…

We’ve had a recent resurgence of web automation frameworks, but TestProject has a lot of promise, and a lot of potential. It encapsulates Selenium and Appium (no separate download needed), will eventually support at least five programming languages, and makes it extremely simple to share and schedule tests.

Alan Page, lead author of “How We Test Software at Microsoft”

One key trait of good test automation design is reusability. Test automation code is typically written against an ever-moving target, the product. So, it’s essential that the utility functions that tests rely upon are abstracted out and not duplicated throughout several tests. I was super excited to see that TestProject supports reusability via their addons feature.

Addons are essentially reusable code snippets that can be shared.  What’s really cool about this is that an addon is not just reusable within your own project, but can be shared within your entire organization which is really beneficial for separate development/automation teams within the same company who may be working on different areas of the application but can reuse some of the same app-specific utilities.

Even cooler is that addons can also be shared with the global community! There are so many algorithms that are universal within test automation (e.g. finding and clicking a specific cell in a table; choosing a date in a DatePicker widget; etc), and yet most of us implement them ourselves when working on a new project. When switching companies and starting a new project, we even have to re-implement these same algorithms. With TestProject, now those algorithms can be saved and shared as a global addon and used by any TestProject user! TestProject was kind enough to provide some addons, but then there’s also an entire library of addons contributed by everyday developers. TestProject boasts they are community-driven and with this feature, I’d have to agree.

Angie Jones, Senior Developer Advocate at Applitools and Director of TestAutomationU

Knowing TestProject is a beautiful accident. It was during our mobile automation research, and we stumbled into one of the articles posted on their blog related to Appium. TestProject is really a great help for us, made our lives easy, and truly helped us achieve our automation testing goals. It allowed us to effectively manage our tests, and decrease the time required on designing and coding manual to automated tests.

Regina Anne Dimaano, QA Lead, TravelerBuddy

TestProject is a wonderful tool. Not only does it spread across all key platforms for development, but the UX of the tool is also fantastic. TestProject provides a clear reporting process in which captures errors with screenshots and graphical data highlighting the issues creating a transparent way of reporting bugs/defects to developers. Recommend the tool for people interested in automation, but don’t necessarily know how to program or at the beginning stages of learning how to!”

Daniel Taylor, Quality Analyst, Pocketworks

TestProject is simple and easy to use for everyone in our team. The support is really great, even on the free account. We have no doubt that TestProject is the right platform we need for our test automation projects.”

Moti Amar, Android Developer, Flir