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Tricentis Academy’s Agile approach is recognized by TSIA STAR Awards

Across Tricentis — from development to training and enablement—there has always been a deep commitment to helping our users achieve their goals and thus maximize the business value of their investment in Tricentis. The Tricentis Academy team is specifically dedicated to supporting our customers’ education needs. Over the last years, Tricentis has issued over 150,000 certifications to almost 65,000 users. Our certification program earned us a TSIA STAR award and a Learning Award in 2019.

Innovation never stops at Tricentis…in our products or in our approach to education. That’s why the Academy team recently shifted its focus to keeping our education materials up to date in an Agile world. Awesome courses on key functionalities are one thing, but how do we educate people on the steady stream of cool new features and updates that we’re constantly unleashing?

We approached the challenge from three angles:

  • Tap the knowledge sources: We worked hard to embed ourselves in the Product teams, enabling us to harness product managers’ and developers’ extraordinary knowledge, as well as build awareness that education needs to be considered in the development cycle.
  • Personalize the learning journey: In addition to full-length courses, we also produce lots of short instructional videos. You can see them all here on YouTube. We organize them into playlists, so the smaller “chunks” build into a detailed view of the topic. We also use them to build role pathways…so you can easily find content that fits your specific role. With most videos being less than four minutes, you can access critical information fast.
  • Our product teams are Agile; now, so are we: The Academy team is now fully Agile, with sprints, backlogs, and all the other features of the Agile development process. We are now producing a constant stream of new content daily.

The results have been fantastic. Thanks to the close collaboration with product managers and developers, we are now releasing training content on the same day as — and in some cases prior to — the product release.

Our Agile approach means that we can pivot fast. For example, in March, we made all of our online training free in response to COVID-19 lockdowns. At that point, the team quickly moved to a customer care position so we could respond to the explosion in demand for training.  Despite this change in focus, we still produced a new course and 58 new videos during this time. Here are a few results from this pivot:

  • To meet the sudden surge of interest, we came up with a new approach that lets us respond twice as fast — often, in just a few hours.  
  • The videos were answering users’ questions at the point of need, which reduced the number of questions for our awesome support team.
  • Our users grew accustomed to using the growing video library to increase their knowledge and get even more out of our platform.

This work did not go unrecognized. In September, we were delighted to be declared finalists in the TSIA STAR award for innovation in Education Services.

This prestigious award is judged by our peers. Experts in Education Services for the Technology sector looked at our offering and decided that Tricentis, Salesforce, and Google Cloud are the three most innovative companies in Education Services this year.

The fact that Tricentis would be considered in the same category as such industry titans blows my mind. It is a testament to the power of dedicated, talented individuals who truly care about their customers and their challenges. It is an honor for me to work in the Academy team, which is full of such people. It’s an even greater honor to work in a company bursting with them!

To close, I’d like to share some of the feedback that we received from the judges:

Judge A – “Excellent job all the way around. While agile content development is not a new concept, there are not many Education Services organizations that have successfully leveraged it in the way that Tricentis has, thus demonstrating innovation.

Judge B – “Submission was clear on value to both clients and measurable business impact with a compelling roadmap for the future.

Judge C – “These 5 bullet points stood out as pace setting:

  1. Crowd sourcing (taping the knowledge source)
  2. Readying content with product release
  3. Collaborating
  4. Creating micro content
  5. Creating solid efficiencies inside of Education Services

Nicely done. You’re winning.”