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Delivering software innovation at DevOps speed: A sneak peek into our Tricentis Virtual Summit agenda

We’re kicking off the last quarter of 2021 with our upcoming fall Virtual Summit — an exciting event that we look forward to and plan for throughout the entire year. Taking place October 12–14, the theme for this event is delivering software innovation at DevOps speed.

Whether you’re looking for insights on how to scale DevOps and digital transformation initiatives, transform your organization’s quality strategies, or ways to improve your testing practice, the Tricentis Virtual Summit will have something valuable for you — no matter where you are in your testing journey. For a glimpse into some of our highly anticipated session discussions on DevOps and software testing, read on.  

5 things everyone should know about enterprise continuous testing

Featuring: Bill Hayden, Senior Solution Architect – Alliances

In many scenarios, what we learn through trial and error is far more impactful than what’s learned when things go strictly according to plan. In this session, Bill Hayden gives us the gift of time by sharing what he’s learned over the years to be the most important lessons on enterprise continuous testing.

According to Bill,
“Throughout my career I have had the honor of leading numerous Quality Assurance teams and projects with a variety of enterprise and open-source tools.  But in many instances, it just seemed harder than it needed to be. Test automation was supposed to reduce our work and effort, not increase it! And then I was introduced to Tricentis and had an epiphany (five, actually).  Model-based test automation really does hold the key to effective testing with less effort, and you don’t need to be highly technical to make it work. In fact, we can actually do less testing and be more effective at the same time! When I think back to all the hours of effort that went into UI, API, and data integrity testing across my projects, I realize what a better job I could have done for my partners and customers if only I had known.”

Continuous testing framework: The blueprint to modernizing your testing practice

Featuring: Andreas Kronlachner, Testing Transformation Strategist

For faster software releases, quality must become the entire testing team’s responsibility. In order to achieve this, companies are realizing that they need to transform their testing practices by implementing modern business technologies and testing processes. This is the key to staying on the cutting edge of testing innovation. In this session, Andreas Kronlachner shares best practices and real use cases on scaling enterprise continuous testing.

Performance and load testing in hybrid systems (with demo)

Featuring: Kristen Webb, Director, Product Marketing

How many seconds does it take to lose a customer? If a webpage doesn’t load within four seconds, nearly 40% of your customers will leave permanently. Listen in as Kristen Webb covers how to keep your apps performing no matter where they live or what they touch in the complex jungle of application development and deployment models today. Hear firsthand:

  • How a media company streamed the final season of a major series to over 1.4 million simultaneous viewers with over 550,000 requests per second, without a hitch
  • How one of the largest Swiss banks delivers reliable e-banking to 3.8 million customers, who generate more than 1,200 transactions per second
  • The changing IT landscape and implications for performance and load testing to deliver reliable user experiences
  • What to look for in a performance and load testing approach

Your software testing transformation toolkit

Featuring: Natasha Rivera, Digital Transformation Strategist, and Jori Ramakers, Director, Digital Transformation

Knowing “what” you want is the easy part. Knowing “how” to get there is where the challenges typically come into play. In this case, the “what” is digital transformation. And the “how” is what we plan to cover in this session. Tricentis is committed to helping you successfully navigate your digital transformation journey — and to do so, we’ve developed a set of tools to help you optimize and track your transformation every step of the way.  Join Jori Ramakers and Natasha Rivera as they explain what our transformation toolkit is and how to leverage it throughout your transformation journey.

Continuous testing with DevOps: The Tricentis perspective 

Featuring: Clinton Sprauve, Director, Product Marketing

While no two organizations are the same when it comes to where they are along their DevOps journey, a distinct challenge most come up against is the bottleneck that testing, and application quality creates. To overcome this, it’s important to have a clear idea of what your software development strategy will be, and how to go about implementing it.  In this session, Clinton Sprauve shares his unique perspectives on:

  • How Tricentis defines continuous testing for DevOps 
  • How to implement continuous testing in every stage of the software delivery pipeline 
  • How the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform supports DevOps 
  • The services and best practices needed for consistent and holistic testing in CI/CD

Industry trends inspire change, change requires quality assurance

Featuring: Robert Sherwood, Sr. SAP Enterprise Solution Architect, and Ronald Tetteroo, VP of SAP Strategic Partnerships

Successful changes to SAP transformational projects require a high level of QA across an enterprise. Inspired by industry trends such as “same-day delivery” and “unified billing experience”, Tricentis set out to create a series of playbooks that shed light on how industries like retail, utilities, and manufacturing are navigating these shifts. Join Ronald Tetteroo and Robert Sherwood as they walk through these playbooks and discuss use cases where QA played a key role in risk reduction and faster delivery, all while reducing costs.

Modern performance testing helps the Football Association (FA) make a successful transition to the cloud

Featuring: Nick Sewell, Director of Application Development (FA), and Roy Botley, QA Manager (FA)

Here’s your front-row seat to learn exactly how the Football Association (FA) defends against business-critical performance problems. In this session, Nick Sewall and Roy Botley give an overview of how they use Tricentis NeoLoad for better, faster rollouts of new applications and websites. 

Planning for operational excellence – A testing journey

Featuring: David Jayaramen, Implementation & Delivery Lead, Norfolk Southern, and Lindsay Eaton, Content and Customer Marketing Manager, Tricentis

The past few years have brought a wave of digital innovation to almost every organization — both for customer-facing applications to drive customer loyalty as well as for internal applications to drive business efficiency. Achieving success often requires a greater understanding of the larger picture — including how, where, and why testing fits into the success of a major implementation project. Join us as we speak with David Jayaramen, a 20-year veteran of the software delivery space and current Implementation and Delivery Lead at Norfolk Southern Corporation.

Bring end-to-end testing power to your data for better business outcomes

Featuring: Jeanette Mifsud, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager

Watch this session as Jeanette Mifsud breaks down how to leverage Tosca’s testing power for your operational and analytical data. Tricentis Data Integrity — a complementary product to Tosca — enables you to catch errors as your data travels through your application and analytics ecosystems so you can deliver decision-grade data to the business and avoid the costly downstream consequences of bad data.

Why your business needs a unified testing strategy

Featuring: Harit Patel, Principal Product Manager

As enterprises evolve their DevOps practices, they are more likely to consider software quality a shared responsibility across many different teams throughout the development lifecycle. But more teams also mean new testing tools, tests, and processes to track. This added complexity makes it harder for businesses to ensure traceability, release confidently, and test strategically to ship better software, faster. In this session, you’ll obtain fresh insights on how businesses have simplified, standardized, and scaled their software testing practices to drive higher quality and increased velocity, as well as practical takeaways to help your own teams test and ship faster.

Curious to hear more of what to expect? Our very own Wolfgang Platz, Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, offers a sneak peek into his Virtual Summit keynote (and more), in the latest episode of our podcast, Transformation in 10.

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