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Product updates

Get a virtual tour of key Tricentis features with the Tricentis demo center

Tricentis is offering live, virtual product demos every Friday throughout the month of May. (You can select from one of three available times for each demo.) During each 30-minute session, our product experts will focus on one area of the Tricentis Platform and answer questions from the audience. Each week, we’ll focus on one of four popular capabilities outlined below.

We’re aiming to keep these sessions small, so register now to reserve your place.

May 8: Model based test automation Tricentis Tosca for web applications 

Learn how Tricentis Tosca’s Model Based Test Automation (MBTA) empowers anyone from developers to business experts to contribute to your company’s test automation journey — no coding skills required. See how Tosca enables you to scan an application’s UI to rapidly create Lego-like “building blocks” that model your application, and how you can use these to build an automation framework with a simple drag and drop. 

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May 15: Tricentis Tosca automation for SAP – advanced examples  

In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to use Tricentis Tosca with SAP WinGUI and SuccessFactors, using more advanced features and external data sources. Our product experts will show you how easily Tosca handles complex SAP tasks, how to source data from external services and how Tosca can be used with SAP SuccessFactors.  

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May 22: Tricentis Automation Recording Assistant (ARA)  

In this session, we’ll show you how ARA works to engage business users in the test automation process. In our last release, we introduced a feature that allows anyone to easily record scenarios that need to be tested. You’ll see how testers can then easily import these recordings into Tricentis Tosca and turn them into automated test cases — and how this approach can help keep testers and the business on the same page. 

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May 29: Unify and automate your testing strategy: Jira Software + Tricentis qTest  

In this session, you’ll see how Tricentis qTest integrates with Jira and any open-source or proprietary test automation tool to create requirements traceability, simplify test automation management across tools and frameworks, tie test automation results back to Jira issues and orchestrate DevOps workflows. You’ll get a sense of how Tricentis qTest can streamline the software delivery pipeline and improve collaboration – even if your team is 100% remote. 

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Innovation and progress are often a product of adversity. If you’re looking for ways to innovate your testing processes, we hope these sessions will spark inspiration. Or if you’ve simply been tasked with researching testing solutions as your organization prepares to upgrade, we hope these demos will be a convenient way to get the information you need. We look forward to chatting with you online soon!