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What’s new in the Tricentis Platform 12.1

Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform 12.1

The Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform 12.1 release extends our industry-leading Continuous Testing Platform with new capabilities that help enterprises accelerate and stabilize enterprise end-to-end testing for DevOps.


  • New Tricentis Cloud Repository
  • Advanced TDM support for SAP NetWeaver
  • Distributed continuous load testing
  • Next-Generation Enterprise Analytics
  • SAP Testing

New Tricentis Cloud Repository

Improve collaboration between distributed teams with the highly available Tricentis Cloud Repository in Azure

Tricentis Cloud Repository simplifies remote team collaboration on test automation projects–enabling team members to plan, create and execute tests from a common repository.

This new release provides built-in high availability to the cloud repository via an architecture that supports redundancy. Tricentis Cloud Repository is hosted in the scalable, trusted, and reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure, which spans 100+ highly-secure facilities worldwide, linked by one of the largest networks on earth.

Advanced TDM support for SAP NetWeaver

Extract and mask stateful test data from SAP NetWeaver

The ability to access secure, reliable, and compliant test data on-demand is critical for Continuous Testing success.

Tricentis Tosca 12.1 expands its Test Data Management Studio (a designer for creating and masking production data and generating synthetic test data) to extract and mask stateful test data from SAP NetWeaver.

New test execution control center

Real-time alerts on distributed test execution agent health and the ability to heal agents remotely

Tricentis Distributed Execution (DEX) Server executes automated test cases in parallel so that tests can be run within an acceptable time window (usually, overnight).

Tricentis Tosca 12.1 introduces central monitoring and tracing of the Tricentis DEX Server. The new web-based solution (hosted on Tosca Server) gives you full control over the DEX Server—with real-time alerts on distributed test execution agent health and the ability to heal the agents remotely.

Distributed continuous load testing

Integrate Tricentis Flood with GitHub, AppDynamics, New Relic, Dynatrace, Jenkins etc.

Tricentis Flood introduces multiple enhancements to make it an enterprise-ready scalable and resilient Continuous Testing solution. GitHub support for versioned test scripts allows you to work on multiple versions of your system under test simultaneously. You can also trigger load test execution directly from within GitHub.

This release also introduces integrations with leading Application Performance Management (APM) solution providers – New Relic, Cisco AppDynamics and Dynatrace.

Additionally, Tricentis Flood can now launch load tests from any Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment environment – for example, Jenkins.

Tricentis Tosca 12.1 also introduces enhancements in the following areas…

Next-Generation Enterprise Analytics

New dashboards re-engineered for customization and flexibility are added to Tricentis Tosca’s next-generation enterprise analytics solution. The enterprise analytics solution now collects quality data from Tricentis Tosca acts as the central quality hub.

Additionally, the new release extends the number and type of predefined dashboards to provide more “out of the box” options for different roles and needs. Of course, every company has its own specific targets and metrics. That’s why all dashboards now can be customized to your specific needs.

SAP Testing

Tricentis Tosca extends its industry-leading enterprise End-to-End SAP Testing solution with multiple enhancements in 12.1.

One of the key enhancements is the new guided SAP Solution Manager Integration. The new intuitive wizard makes it simple to integrate Tricentis Tosca with SAP Solution manager.

Big Data Testing

Quality assurance for Big Data, BI, and Data Warehouses requires deep technical understanding and excellent SQL skills. That is why this field… so far… has been reserved for developers and specialists.

Tricentis Tosca 12.1 introduces a new SQL editor that can be seamlessly integrated into your favorite test IDE. You can test run your queries, reduce errors with syntax highlighting, and use a translation view to see the actual data used during your test.

Mobile Testing

Tricentis Tosca 12.1 introduces interaction capabilities to the Mobile Live viewer introduced in previous release. You now can directly interact with your mobile device and view the current state of mobile tests on your desktop, either automatically or manually.

Microsoft Excel Test Automation

Microsoft Excel is an integral part of many end-to-end test scenarios. Tricentis Tosca 12.1 introduces a next-generation automation engine for Microsoft Excel applications. It features a standard interface with defined values and a defined syntax, plus 9X faster performance.