What’s new in Tricentis Tosca 10


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Feb. 02, 2019

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 10! This release introduces enhancements for AnyUI Engine, Fuzzy Search, API Scan & API Engine and more.


  • AnyUI Engine
  • Fuzzy Search
  • API Scan & API Engine
  • Dynamic Ribbon-Toolbar
  • Standalone Exploratory Testing

AnyUI Engine

Tricentis has been providing customers with the most intuitive and easy to use test automation on the market for years. With Tosca 10.0, we’ve pushed it one step further. The brand new Any UI Engine identifies input elements on the screen based on their shape rather than their technology, making UI automation easier than ever before. Just select the window you want to automate and let Tosca decide how it’s done best.

Fuzzy Search

The new fuzzy search feature uses predictive search to find things in your repository within a matter of seconds. Tosca predicts what you are looking for while you are typing. This helps you to work faster and avoid redundancies.

API Scan & API Engine

Tosca 10.0 comes with the first preview of our new API automation feature. With your ease of use in mind, we developed a completely new approach to API scanning. As a result, test cases are now easier to read and the technical view has been enhanced to support developers. Even complex web services can now be automated in a flash.

Dynamic Ribbon-Toolbar

Tricentis Tosca 10.0 has been completely revamped for your ease of use. The ribbon toolbar now automatically adapts to your selection. This gives you access to specific tools and functions without having to dig through a multitude of dropdown menus. Enjoy having the right functions always within reach.

Standalone Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing for non-Tosca users? Yes, we thought you might love it so we created it! You can now invite anybody to an exploratory testing session. Just send the link via email and you’re all set. No need for a full blown Tosca installation, the slim Exploratory Testing Agent auto-installs when the test starts on their machine. Once the results are submitted, they immediately show up in your Tosca project. Easy! Right?

Module Merger

Coping with redundant modules can be a real pain. The brand new module merger allows you to find similar modules and merge them into one.

X-Technology Recorder

Our Tosca Recorder is kicking butt. It can now record various technologies in one session – which we think is pretty cool. We’ve also added UIA and .NET to extend the list of supported environments.

Java Swing Support

The brand new Java Swing 3.0 Engine lets you use all the convenient Tosca features like Re-Scanning, the Tosca Recorder and XScan for all of your Java tests. Excellent performance decreases your testing cycle time significantly and easy migration for existing projects lets you start testing right away.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Feb. 02, 2019