What’s New in Tricentis Tosca 10.2


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Feb. 01, 2019

Many of our enhancements for this release center around SAP.

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 10.2! This release introduces enhancements for SAP testing, mobile testing, API testing and more.


  • Autonomous SAP testing
  • Comprehensive SAP Fiori support
  • SAP API Testing
  • SAP Model-Based Recorder

Autonomous SAP testing

With Autonomous SAP Testing, comprehensive business process testing has never been faster or easier. This groundbreaking technology automatically generates and maintains SAP business process tests—without requiring manual intervention at any point in the process.

The solution automatically discovers real user activities from production, applies machine learning algorithms to discover the most critical usage patterns, then automatically creates (or updates) a regression test suite that alerts you when SAP changes impact your critical business processes. This eliminates the need for manually-engineered test cases—dramatically accelerating business process testing.

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Comprehensive SAP Fiori support

Also available on Mobile iOS & Android

Build up business readable test cases without coding or scripting knowledge and re-use them on your desktop AND mobile browsers. Tricentis Tosca Mobile Engine 3.0 also supports the latest Android version as well as both Chrome and Safari browsers.

SAP API Testing

Automate your SAP API Tests to shorten testing time by ensuring that defects are exposed earlier — as soon as they are introduced.

SAP Model-Based Recorder

Pick and choose the controls you want to test in SAP without any hassle. Recording model-based SAP tests has never been easier.

SAP Automation: Tables

We’ve simplified automating SAP’s emulated tables by ensuring that all emulated tables can be recognized out of the box – no support needed. Automate it like any other table using Tricentis Tosca.

SAP-Certified 7.2 Solution Manager Integration

Our SAP-certified integration with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 not only helps you create and execute test cases, exchange test data, and consolidate reporting. We also go beyond this to enable risk-based testing and change impact analysis.

We also want to share other good news…

New Licensing

Activate and manage your licenses directly in Tricentis Tosca and without the need for support.

Tosca BI

Tricentis Tosca BI is a comprehensive automated testing solution which covers every step from pre-screening and vital checks, to reconciliation, to report checks and profiling.


Additional flexibility for Selenium testing has been introduced in this release, so that you can execute the exact scope of testing you need — from individual test methods to complete test classes.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Feb. 01, 2019