What’s New in Tricentis Tosca 10.3


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 08, 2019

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 10.3! This release introduces our new Exploratory Testing for Jira, running mobile tests on cloud devices, our new License Administrator and many features to improve your daily work with Tricentis Tosca.


  • Exploratory Testing for Jira
  • New License Administrator
  • Sauce Labs integration with extended mobile support
  • Fast API Test updating

Exploratory Testing for Jira

Facilitate collaboration within and across Agile teams with simplified exploratory session planning, documentation, and reporting. Available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

New License Administrator

Gain additional insight into how your licenses are being used — so you can manage them more efficiently and flexibly.

Sauce Labs integration with extended mobile support

Run your mobile tests on premise and on devices hosted in the Sauce Labs cloud. This will allow you to vastly improve the range of tested devices without having to purchase them all.

Requirements structured based on your needs and preferences

Align risk weighting with different deployment targets, providing risk-based results tailored for specific release configurations.

Fast help with functions

Learn how to use our mighty and flexible functions directly in Tricentis Tosca. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

One-click Reusable Test Step Blocks

Reusable Test Step Blocks prevent the need for test maintenance by letting you re-use common test sequences. This release makes the creation of reusable test usable blocks a one-click operation!

Fast API Test updating

API testing exercises the application at its most stable layer, but even APIs evolve throughout Agile development processes. With this release, you can easily update your test cases in order to reflect changes in your message structure or content.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 08, 2019