What's new in - Tricentis Tosca 8.3


Tricentis Staff

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Date: Jan. 09, 2019

Tricentis Tosca 8.3 – Service Pack 1

The Tricentis team is continually working towards providing the most updated version of Tricentis Tosca. The new 8.3 Service Pack 1 Release has many new features that adapt to the growing technologies currently available on the market. Tricentis Tosca has been enhanced to provide more efficient solutions for your agile and automation testing needs.

For this release, Tricentis has included many features that has made Tricentis Tosca more intuitive and user friendly. We’ve also included some features that support other technologies such as Siebel Open UI and Selenium. Keep scrolling down to see more of our new features, such as: our new X-Scan, Image Based Test Automation, Loops and Conditions, TaaS Web Testing and Mobile+.

From the new user interface to our Test Case Design relations tool, our goal is to provide you with features that would help you automate as much as possible and avoid manual efforts.

Tosca as a Service Web Testing

Tosca as a Service (TaaS) is the only testing tool to provide automated web and web services tests in the cloud. The improved user experience helps you to use TaaS as if it was a local installation. You can now access your TaaS instances through the Tricentis support portal.

Image Based Test Automation

Using Image Based Test Automation, Tosca is able to automate all applications without technological expertise. It is able to recognize images in various environments and anchors controls that are prone to change.

Loops & Conditions

Tosca allows you to use do, while and if-then-else statements to dynamically control the flow within a test case.


Our brand new X-Scan User Interface allows for a more intuitive and streamlined experience. The new Control Selection feature allows non-techies to click and choose controls directly from the browser.

Support for Siebel Open UI

Tosca is the only testing tool to automate Siebel Open UI and test your migration from classic Siebel to Siebel Open UI. Integrating Siebel Open UI automation into Tosca only requires one simple step during the set-up process.


With the new improved user experience, Tosca Mobile+ is able to auto instrument Android apps without the need for development or programming skills.

Testing with Selenium

Tosca helps you reuse both your Selenium 1 and Selenium 2 test assets. It can be combined with other supported out-of-the-box technology. Tosca not only provides an overall summary of your analyzed results, but also a detailed report for users with more of a development expertise.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 09, 2019