Tricentis Staff

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Date: Jan. 09, 2019

Tricentis is proud to present you with our latest release: Tricentis Tosca 8.4. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the most innovative features on the market and this release is no exception.

From the new user interface to our Test Case Design relations tool, our goal is to provide you with features that would help you automate as much as possible and avoid manual efforts.

Tosca Commander UX: Docking

The new ribbon navigation is easy to use and has an intuitive look and feel. Our new docking feature will help you to not only customize Tosca, but also to move through the Tosca sections seamlessly and efficiently. Creating test cases will be a breeze.

Tosca Commander UX: Control Flow

Test cases can get complex and toggle menus only add to the confusion. Our new Control Flow feature helps you to physically visualize the entire test case. Additionally, if something looks wrong, you can edit the test case directly within the flow diagram. Loops and Conditions will never be confusing again.

Tosca SAP Impact Analysis

Implementing SAP packages can often be a headache. Tosca SAP Impact Analysis helps to solve this by importing and defining the right test cases that should be tested with every SAP upgrade or service pack. End-to-end testing is not an issue if you use Tosca in your SAP environment.

SAP ECC Accelerator Package

Let us help you with accelerating the automation of your SAP business processes. Our package contains the most frequently used SAP transaction codes. The package has more than 650 test cases that are ready to use out of the box.

Test Case Design Relations

Mixing and matching attributes/instances to create test cases is stressful. What if you don’t find the right test cases? And what if the ones you want need to be manually altered every time you generate batches of test cases? Our new concept helps to fix all that, meaning less maintenance effort and no manual clean-up!

Image-based Test Automation

Don’t let images throw you off your game. Our enhanced Image-based Test Automation feature recognizes and defines the various images to make sure that there are no surprises when running your tests.

X-Scan: Select on Screen

No need to worry about scanning complicated applications, our X-Scan has been enhanced to easily identify controls. The new Select on Screen tool helps you to choose controls directly in your application, making test automation effortless and intuitive.

X-Browser: AJAX Synchronization

Testing heavily interactive pages are not an issue anymore with Tosca X-Browser. AJAX Synchronization automatically waits for applications to fully load before continuing with the rest of the test execution.

Tosca Integrations

What’s the point of having all the applications in the world if they can’t work together? Here at Tricentis, we know how important it is to have your applications talk to one another. Tosca Integrations help you use different approaches to not only connect products and tools, but also make sure that they work together.

Tosca Connect (powered by Tasktop™)

Using Tosca Connect, you are able to take advantage of the fully automated, enterprise-scale integration capabilities of Tasktop’s comprehensive Sync Framework.

API Testing: JMS Support

Shift left by testing as soon as the first API interfaces are defined. Effortlessly send and receive messages from enterprise service buses without a problem. Tosca 8.4 now handles all types of text messages, including plain text.

Orchestrated Service Virtualization

Don’t worry about finishing your app before the testing phase or having to pay more to test out that third party service, connected to your app. Tosca OSV simulates complex business processes without the need of costly test labs.

Mobile+: Web Apps

If your company is embarking on a mobile first strategy, Tosca’s got you covered with latest iOS and Android versions. Tosca 8.4 now extends end-to-end testing from cross-browser testing to mobile web apps.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 09, 2019