What’s New in Tricentis Tosca 9


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 08, 2019

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 9! This release introduces enhancements for Tosca Flow, Distributed Execution and more.

The Tosca Recorder

Our new Tosca Recorder records and creates automated test cases in a flash! The best part of Tricentis Tosca is that it automatically recognizes previously-recorded controls and re-uses your test assets, meaning you always have redundancy-free test cases.

Tosca Flow

Testing your project shouldn’t mean having to manually test every variable that may or may not be important to your company. For Triscentis Tosca 9.0 the Tricentis team has come up with an ingenious way of taking one of your test cases and automatically creating prioritized variants that are ready for testing.

Distributed Execution

For Tricentis Tosca 9.0, Tricentis has developed a smart approach to distributed test execution, helping to boost the performance of your testing. It distributes your automated test sets across multiple virtual machines, computers in your network, or in the cloud. No need for complex installation or labor intensive configurations: we keep it simple, yet powerful.

Exploratory Testing Assistant

Tricentis has developed a unique approach to Exploratory testing that helps testers to document the entire exploratory testing process using video editing, screenshots and note-taking. The Exploratory Test Assistant puts the adventure back in exploratory testing.

Tosca Solutions: SAP Engine 3.0

SAP is one of the most widely used ERP systems worldwide. This means that whenever SAP sends out an update, thousands of companies will be testing their system to make sure there are no glitches in daily business. Our new SAP Engine 3.0 provides enterprises with the newest SAP test automation capabilities on the market.

Tosca Solutions: SAP Netweaver

Our SAP Netweaver solution helps to effortlessly automate the SAP Netweaver client by recognizing and steering controls. It also helps to integrate SAP Netweaver into your E2E test scenarios, making it easy for non-techies to build-up test cases.

Orchestrated Service Virtualization: Proxy + Weights

For the release of Tricentis Tosca 9.0, we’ve upgraded our Orchestrated Service Virtualization product by adding a proxy tool. This allows you to record the simulation and specify how third party services should react to your application.

API Automation: Database

Direct access to the database layer of your system enables you to peek under the hood of your applications and check how your data is stored in the persistency layer. Combine it with reusable test step blocks to enable also business testers to directly check database records.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 08, 2019