What’s new in Tricentis Tosca 9.3


Tricentis Staff

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The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 9.3! This release introduces enhancements for Tosca Analytics, Table Steering Editor, Tosca Recorder Improvements and more.


  • Tosca Analytics
  • Table Steering Editor
  • Tosca Recorder Improvements
  • Record Manual Test Cases
  • Manual Execution

Tosca Analytics

Tosca Analytics is a new web-based dashboard that provides quick and easy access to the most relevant testing KPIs. It can be accessed on any device at any point in time.

Tosca Recorder Improvements

More control over what you want to automate, with more obvious highlighting of steerable controls and our enhanced verification mode. Making our Tosca Recorder the easiest automation tool on the market.

Table Steering Editor

For those who have struggled with complicated table steering operations in the past. This new and convenient GUI editor lets you define table operations with just a few mouse clicks.

Record Manual Test Cases

You can now speed up the creation of tedious manual test cases by recording them. Capture all keyboard and mouse interactions to create manual test cases on the fly.

Manual Execution

Inject Data Values

No need to keep entering mundane data over and over again. Speed up manual execution and avoid pesky typos by injecting the data with Tosca. Just keep clicking on the inject data values function to fill in all of the relevant information for your manual test cases.

SOAP UI Project Importer

Easy migration of all SoapUI projects into Tricentis Tosca. Automatically create business readable and model-based test cases that are ready to execute.


Tricentis Staff