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Employee perspectives

Why I joined Tricentis

So, I did a thing. After 17 years of working for myself, I’ve joined Tricentis as Director of Customer Engineering. I know many in the online community will be wondering what in the world I am doing. My friends across various software vendors might be concerned at how our professional relationships might change because of this, especially if they consider me working for a competitor.

For those with no context, here’s a condensed background: I’ve been active in the performance testing and performance engineering space for over 20 years.  I founded two companies: Loadtester Incorporated (2004) and Northway Solutions Group (2010). Both companies focused on performance engineering services. I’ve consulted for global services organizations, vendor alliance partners in the US, and the Fortune 500. I’ve run every area of a business. In 2015, I hung my CEO hat up and went back to technical consulting. I became a hired gun as Scott Moore Consulting while continuing to speak, write, and share with the community. That’s how most people in the industry know me.

Over the years I have worked on some really cool projects. I’ve tried to share my knowledge with others, because I really enjoy teaching. More recently, I started a video podcast/show called “The Performance Tour”. I travel around the US eating BBQ and talking to people about performance engineering topics. These are two of my favorite things to do.

Why am I making this move now? Because I was asked. It’s as simple as that.

Tricentis approached me to work with them, and they convinced me that they were serious about making performance a first-class citizen across their portfolio of products. It’s important to their business. When I spoke to Dave Keil (the Chief Operations Officer at Tricentis), he looked me in the eyes and told me in no uncertain terms that performance testing and performance engineering will be crucial to their success as they continue to grow and expand. And Dave doesn’t waste words.

Here are just a few of the things I’ll be doing in my new role:

  1. Advisement and advocacy. I’ll be presenting to customers, partners, and at a conference near you. This includes hosting the Performance Advisory Council (PAC) conference. I’ll continue to share ideas and thoughts on social media. Think of me as your performance advocate.
  2. Collaboration with new and existing customers, walking with them through their performance journey and helping them achieve their desired outcome.
  3. Continually develop the end to end messaging around performance engineering and how it fits within the entire product portfolio of the company (qTest, Tosca, NeoLoad, LiveCompare, etc).
  4. Sharing feedback, input, and ideas with the NeoLoad product team which help make the product better and keep adapting to the current and future needs of the end users.

The thing that attracted me the most to Tricentis was having the freedom to help in ANY AREA that I want. Over the last 20+ years I’ve been a consultant, business owner, CEO, a professional services partner, founder, software product manager, social media influencer, and the host of an online show. I’ve been involved with marketing/media, pre-sales, sales, post-sales, market analysis, and setting up professional services organizations. I believe I can provide value in multiple areas, and they aren’t limiting me. They are encouraging my input. That rocks!

On top of all that, “The Performance Tour” will continue production as travel opens up and it’s safe to do so. That means I still get to be out there talking and sharing what I can about performance engineering in (hopefully) an entertaining way. I’ll be interviewing experts in the industry and getting many perspectives.

Most importantly, I’ll be LISTENING to everyone in the performance community, including those who use our products. I want to hear your ideas. How can we make things better? What do you need to be successful? What’s missing? How can I help? That is probably the best part about my new mission. Please don’t hesitate to connect with me.  Look for me on tour in your area and let’s hang out.

I’m very excited about this new chapter and looking forward to the road ahead. There is now a window of opportunity to make a positive impact in the performance engineering community, and it’s wide open. I’m all in. Let’s do this!