Browser Test

Whether they’re using IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, your customers have the same “always on, always available, always easy” expectations that they have for mobile apps and other aspects of your business. Compatibility across browsers and versions is now a standard expectation. Using Tricentis Tosca, development and test teams can collaborate and automate end-to-end software tests by leveraging Tosca’s market leading model based test automation, stateful test data management and orchestrated service virtualization capabilities.

Risk Coverage Optimization

Reducing the number of your testcases while minimizing maintenance efforts by effectively defining your testcases.

Web Services
Test Automation 101

Using Tricentis Tosca easily create web service tests and enable non-technical testers to test web services.


Tricentis Tosca helps you reuse both your Selenium 1 and Selenium 2 (Web Driver) test scripts.

X-Browser: AJAX Synchronization

Testing heavily interactive pages is not an issue anymore with Tosca X-Browser. AJAX Synchronization automatically waits for applications to fully load before continuing with the rest of the test execution.

Orchestrated Service Virtualization

Tricentis Tosca’s Orchestrated Service Virtualization (OSV) allows enterprises to simulate the behavior of any service needed in your application. Find out more in this free factsheet.