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Accelerating Testing for Scaled Agile
Faster testing cycles
Fewer test cases
Reduction in escaped defects


EdgeVerve, a subsidiary of Infosys, develops the industry’s leading core banking solution: Finacle Core Banking Solution. Banks across 100+ countries, serving over 1.95 billion customers, rely on Finacle software to accelerate growth and improve customer service in an increasingly competitive banking market.

EdgeVerve recently accelerated development speed 50%-66%+ with a scaled Agile (SAFe) initiative. At that point, testing emerged as the new process bottleneck: an expensive activity that was blamed for impeding innovation.

EdgeVerve’s QA leaders made it their mission to transform testing so EdgeVerve could continue its commitment to exceptional quality while accelerating time to market. They recognized that they needed to start testing earlier, complete testing faster, keep tests in sync with rapid application changes, and deliver the near-instant continuous quality feedback that the Agile development teams now expected.


  • Highly-complex, specialized systems (Finacle + legacy apps…)
  • Negative impacts to connected systems must be identified and mitigated before each release
  • Developers were waiting 6 months for quality feedback
  • 80% of testing was manual even after 10 years of a legacy testing tool
  • UI based automation scripts required constant rework
  • 50-75% of their testing resources were consumed by test script maintenance
  • Their library of 100K+ test cases had grown unmanageable
  • Defects were commonly discovered just days before releases
  • New functionality must meet high standards for usability, reliability, and compliance

“Our customers are demanding a better experience with better quality, so we had to rethink the way we deliver software, and the way we test that software. I can proudly say that we have reduced our testing cycle time by 60%, we deliver 30% more features per release, and we’ve achieved a 50% reduction in production defects.”

— Sreeja Nair, Product Line Manager at EdgeVerve

The Tricentis Solution

The QA team re-examined and optimized every aspect of their testing process to align it with their highly-accelerated development process. First, they reviewed their tightly-fused end-to-end tests and re-envisioned them as modularized tests based on reusable components. This enabled them to escape the “maintenance trap” that previously slowed down testing and prevented them from achieving measurable test automation gains. Next, they shifted 80% of their testing from the UI layer to API layer integration tests. Since these tests cross multiple APIs, check database values, etc., they provide an accurate assessment of how core transactions are working—without forcing the QA team for the wait for the user interface to be finalized.

Additionally, the team used risk-based testing to eliminate redundant tests that were not adding value (44% of their legacy test suite), and they integrated their streamlined automated testing into the CI/CD pipeline. The result: developers receive immediate quality feedback on each build, defects are identified earlier, and developers and testers closely collaborate to meet very aggressive release timelines.


  • Test automation increased significantly with business domain experts creating and maintaining their own automated tests
  • Regression, usability, business flow, interface, and migration testing is performed for each release
  • Test assets are reused across technologies
  • Extreme reuse enables rapid test creation and updating
  • Tests are automatically parameterized with the optimal data combinations
  • Developers receive quality feedback in minutes, not months
  • Automated test results are trusted now that false positives are controlled
  • 60% of defects are discovered in sprint
  • 50% more defects are detected—with 44% fewer tests and no additional testing costs