Case Study

Scaling Business Operations with Tricentis Robotic Process Automation

A leading Australian telecom has a constantly expanding customer base and menu of service offerings. They recently contracted an additional order fulfillment partner to ensure rapid response to evolving customer needs. Initially, employees were manually distributing orders among the multiple vendors according to dynamic business rules. However:

  • Manual routing required 3 minutes per order, which meant that the peak daily load would require 25 hours of manual processing per day
  • Additional time was required to ensure compliance to dynamic business rules and allocation percentages
  • All orders had to be reviewed and sent to the appropriate application queue within 2 hours—no matter what time of the day they were received

Download this case study to learn how they used Tricentis Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to completely automate the order distribution process—saving 3000 hours of manual work in just 3 months.