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Case Study


How SPAR is Reinventing Software Testing for the “Digital Tsunami”
Case Study

How SPAR is Reinventing Software Testing for the “Digital Tsunami”

Everyone has heard that “every company is now a software company” more times than they wish by now. However, with Amazon’s rapidly-expanding role in the grocery retail market, companies such as SPAR are not only transforming into software companies—they are also directly competing with software giants that deploy new code to production on a daily basis.

“Most IT leaders are talking about digital transformation, but SPAR is facing a digital tsunami.”

Andreas Kranabitl, Managing Director SPAR ICS

SPAR has already successfully surfed an initial wave of digital transformation that involved digitizing their existing brick and mortar business for the online era. Now, the oncoming digital tsunami presents opportunities to build new revenue streams and person­alized customer experiences that increase both loyalty and euros spent.

To capitalize on these opportunities, SPAR’s IT department (SPAR ICS) needs to deliver more (and more advanced) innova­tions to the market faster than competitors—and with a bet­ter user experience than competitors. Download this case study to learn:

  • How they are transforming their testing tools and processes—as well as the overall vision of the QA group—for the digital tsunami
  • The top 3 challenges to ensuring that the team enables, rather than impedes, accelerated innovation
  • How they have reduced testing time by 66% and accelerated time to market 3X