Apr 25, 2019

CIOs are Overestimating DevOps Maturity

While many CXOs and high-level decision makers believe they are ahead of the pack, our research shows that only the small fraction of firms that follow these best practices have more advanced Agile and DevOps practices compared to their peers — and their behaviors and attitudes support that assertion.

Apr 17, 2019

How Cognitive Biases Influence Software Development

We often take mental shortcuts, or heuristics, that can ease intellectual burden and allow us to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Heuristics often lead to cognitive biases, which can in turn lead to errors in judgement — something we want to avoid, especially when building and testing software.

Mar 29, 2019

On the Death of Testing…and Wildebeests

Is the idea of testing a release before sending it out into the wild really dead? To answer that question, let’s consider another example that involves death and the wild: the annual wildebeest migration in Africa.

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