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Customer Journey


Dolby Laboratories Amplifies Regression Testing for SAP

“Now, we can run the entire regression test suite immaterial of where the change is, so the amount of coverage we get is close to 100%. Running test cases that are frequently used and are critical to our business is very important and it would have been close to impossible for us to get anywhere near 100% without test automation software such as Tricentis Tosca.”

Mamatha Mitr, Senior IT Manager, Head of Strategy for Testing Center of Excellence

Continuous Quality Assurance Across Dolby’s “Financially Significant” SAP Applications


Dolby Laboratories is a pioneer in advancing the science of sight and sound experienced in everything from conference calls to the latest cinema and television. Dolby strives to consistently deliver industry-leading technology that creates memorable entertainment experiences for billions of people worldwide.

To make this possible, Dolby set out to establish a “strict adherence” to quality assurance around the business process testing of their financially significant (FINSIG) applications. This would require an innovative approach to test automation that supported a large SAP footprint, a diverse suite of technologies, and agile, waterfall, and hybrid methodologies.

Modern Test Automation Requirements

In order to reach a high-level of quality assurance for their business process testing, Mitr and her team at Dolby knew that a number of requirements would need to be met by the test automation solution they selected. Tricentis Tosca was ultimately chosen for surpassing established success metrics around requirements like:

  • End-to-end test coverage for Dolby’s financially significant (FINSIG) packaged enterprise applications
  • Comprehensive support for a large footprint of SAP UIs and technologies
  • Elimination of regression testing coverage gaps
  • Shorten lengthy testing integration cycles
  • A risk-based approach to testing mission-critical business processes
  • A measurable and consistent drop in incidents and support tickets
  • Positive impact for business analysts, functional testers, and technical team
The Tricentis Solution

Dolby began a 90-day Tricentis Tosca pilot program by selecting test cases that spanned various applications and workstreams. Success metrics were established around hours saved per testing cycle, the number of defects in production, and the percentage of automation coverage versus the coverage during manual test cycles.

Mitr established a desire to automate the regression testing of at least 50% of their FINSIG applications, and Dolby is on track to reach 65% by the end of the fiscal year. Another remarkable achievement in only the first two months after their adoption of Tricentis Tosca was a 75% savings in hours saved per testing cycle for Dolby’s business system analysts and other functional leads.

Dolby initially implemented the following Tricentis Tosca modules:

Module-Based Test Automation

Case Design

Test Data Management

SAP Testing