Tricentis Tosca Solutions for Salesforce Testing

Salesforce is not just your CRM system; it’s your entire customer success platform all wrapped up into one. Why risk bugs or software failure when it comes to your own customer engagement?

Tricentis provides fast, low-maintenance, model-based test automation for all of Salesforces’ cloud-based tools. Tricentis Tosca supports complex business processes, enabling end-to-end test automation throughout your complete business processes.

Salesforce Expertise Out-Of-the Box

Salesforce Classic and Lightning Expertise

Tricentis Tosca fully supports Salesforce Classic and Lightning controls and components through our Tosca X-Scan, creating business-readable test cases without the need for technical expertise. Tricentis Tosca also enables easy test case maintenance to ensure that none of your test cases break during execution.

Innovative X-Scan for Salesforce

With the Tosca X-Scan you can scan and create Model-based test cases without technical or scripting knowledge. Scan the application to create redundant-free test cases and re-use them in as many testing projects as you need.

salesforce using Innovative X-Scan from tosca testsuite screenshot

Combine API and UI Testing

Start your testing from the ground up by ensuring the quality of your API layer. Automating your API tests allows you to create tests on a functional and/or technical level, shortening testing time to ensure that bugs are fixed earlier. APIs exist to Create, Read (Including SOQL), Update, and Delete data directly in your Salesforce Org., including API steps to assert data in downstream systems, providing true end-to-end testing.

Salesforce Service Cloud Testing

Tricentis Tosca can steer complex menus and tabs in Salesforce Console applications like Service Cloud. All controls, including frame and tab switching, quick actions, and side panels are easily identified using our Tosca X-Scan. Effortlessly create test cases by scanning the Salesforce Console applications. Tricentis Tosca supports complex business processes and is able to test through all of your Salesforce integrated applications end-to-end.

Testing Salesforce Visualforce Pages

One of the common issues with testing Salesforce Visualforce pages are dynamic IDs. Using Tricentis Tosca’s intelligent object recognition, you are able to create stable and easy-to-maintain test cases.

Cross-Browser Testing

Tricentis Tosca is able to test applications over multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Our testing solutions also enable you test through all of the quirks that can come from running your application over various browsers. The responsiveness and screen resolutions can be tested through Tricentis Tosca’s responsive design tool.

Cross-Browser Testing Salesforce with Tosca Testsuite Screenshot

Test Data Management

Tricentis Tosca offers the design, generation, provisioning and management of test data. No need to integrate with applications to read and write data -Test Data Management creates synthetic data that is customized to meet your specific needs. Test Data Management allows you to get the data you need, when you need it. Perfect for multi-user profile testing and successful deployments.

Salesforce Test Data Management with Tosca Testsuite Screenshot

Support for Enterprise Technologies

Beyond Salesforce, Tricentis Tosca supports various enterprise technologies, including), SAP, Siebel, Oracle, ServiceNow, and more–see more details here.

Tricentis Tosca; making DevOps even faster

Tricentis Tosca seamlessly integrates with your tool stack and gives you everything you need for continuous testing – speeding up your DevOps cycle.

Start testing early with Orchestrated Service Virtualization, and simulate third party services before the application is finished. With a click, Tosca Connect allows you to easily integrate with other ALM tools and use your whole infrastructure.  Close the DevOps cycle by accelerating your test projects even further by using distributed execution.

How Can Tricentis Tosca Help You?

Use Tricentis Tosca to test earlier and often in order to help you not only streamline your enterprise, but also cope with the frequent enterprise software upgrades that may hinder daily business processes.

Implement agile methodology throughout your product cycle by:

  • Optimizing your Risk Coverage
  • Managing your Test Data
  • Automating using Model-based Testing
Automation Cycle FLow Graphic

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