Tosca Solution for TRAX: Solving the Top 3 Challenges

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Who is TRAX?
TRAX is the leading MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) ERP application in the world targeted at airlines. TRAX is based in Florida and has over 150 airline customers WW with the largest quantity of customers in EMEA and their largest customers in the US.

The Trax Maintenance system is a fully integrated product, which allows complete information flow between the modules in the system. Individual modules can be implemented separately, although implementing all modules will attain maximum benefit. Multi-company capability is available on Trax Enterprise Licenses.

The software will provide the means to manage and maintain all information generated by a maintenance organization. Improved efficiency and lowering of costs can be achieved through use of the product.

The Tricentis/TRAX Solution

Tricentis and Trax have worked together to create a vast library of pre-built test cases based on the Tricentis Tosca.  TRAX provides these libraries at no charge saving customers significant QA time, effort and money during both implementation and maintenance of the TRAX application.

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Optimize TRAX Testing with Tosca

Top 3 Challenges

Faster Time to Market with Less Effort and Cost
One of the most important steps in implementing and maintaining your TRAX Maintenance and Engineering ERP solution is ensuring the application does what it was designed to do. This involves testing the application, which can be a long and costly process. TRAX and Tricentis are partnering together to ensure you optimize your QA/Test environment to save money and go into production more quickly.

Leveraging the TRAX library of pre built Tosca test cases ensures customers implement TRAX more quickly and Tosca’s model based approach to functional testing ensures the fastest method to update your TRAX application. The Tricentis Tosca model based approach eliminates the needs to update test scripts as customers only need to rescan the TRAX application and the test cases are updated systematically.

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Identify, manage and optimize the level of quality risk in your TRAX environment
Most customers today only know and report the number test cases being run on a regular basis. This provides no business context as to the level of risk being assumed by the business. With Tosca’s Test Case design customers change the reporting metric to amount of risk. By leveraging Tosca’s algorithms customers identify the test cases that need to be run, reduce the number of test cases needed and identify and manage the level of risk. Tricentis has many customers with 90+% risk coverage who have also reduced the number of test cases that they run on a regular basis by at least 50%.

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Low level of automation
Most customers today are reaching 10-20% automation rates resulting in high maintenance costs and long test cycles. With Tosca’s model based approach customers reach 90+% automation rates on an end to end basis (not just front end web apps). High automation rates not only save time, cost and effort but also allow customers to move to more dynamic development processes such as Agile or Continuous Development as test cycles times are reduced from months to days.

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How Tricentis Tosca Can Help You

Use Tricentis Tosca to test earlier and often in order to help you not only streamline your enterprise, but also cope with the frequent enterprise software upgrades that may hinder daily business processes.

Implement agile methodology throughout your product cycle by:

  • Optimizing your Risk Coverage
  • Managing your Test Data
  • Automating using Model-based Testing
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