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A Testing Conversation


A Testing Conversation

We have decided to offer complimentary 60-minute consultations on the future of testing platforms. During the session, we will bring you up to date with what’s new and hopefully offer you some pointers and next steps regarding your own testing strategy.

Although your session will be bespoke, the following agenda covers the key topics we will discuss. The initial conversation will typically be 60 minutes. However, should further discussions be required, we can organise them to suit your individual needs and timeframe.

Conversation topics
After an analysis of your own testing strategy we can focus on the most saliant points appropriate to you.

These could include why your testing platform:

  • needs to be standardised
  • can now be fully automated
  • should be designed for traditional, manual, and automated approaches
  • needs to be accessible to both experts and non-experts alike
  • must meet all the needs of complex enterprise performance testing
  • should be fast enough to support high-velocity testing
  • needs to scale across the entire organisation

We may also need to discuss the importance of being cloud ready. Cloud technology is changing the very nature of enterprise performance testing. We will share with you the importance of:

  • migrating apps with confidence
  • scaling apps cost-effectively
  • integrating with cloud CI pipelines

If appropriate, we can then show you how:

  • functional testing is one-click simple
  • application performance monitoring can be consolidated with APM in a single pane of glass view
  • continuous testing is the new benchmark
  • leveraging commonly used version control systems will enable you to test, manage, and share assets
  • having Open API will enable you to get up and running immediately
  • to get more done – faster and with fewer devices

Next steps

To book your session, simply go back to the landing page to confirm. When we book your complimentary session in, we will, as a matter of priority, talk about the topics you wish to focus on. It is crucial the session is as mutually beneficial as possible.

Many thanks for your interest.