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Tricentis Tasting Room

Automated testing – the ServiceNow relief you’ve been waiting for

Filling out this form does not guarantee a spot at the event, it is a request to attend. This is an intimate event intended for ServiceNow quality, IT, ops, apps, and system leaders at enterprise companies. You will be notified if your request has been accepted or denied. Thank you for understanding. 

Join this virtual wine tasting to learn how you can manually test ServiceNow for the last time. During this session we’ll explore how test automation can accelerate your releases and upgrades.  

Fill out the form to request to join Tricentis virtually for this wine tasting event.  

We’ll kick off the event with a wine tasting led by regarded sommelier and chef, Tina Kanter — the wine is on us! Afterwards, our host Tim Leigh will lead a roundtable discussion around modernizing your enterprise with automated testing for ServiceNow.  

Including topics like: 

  • How to keep up with ServiceNow releases 
  • Low-code and no-code test case creation 
  • Rapid test design 
  • Eliminating release defects 
  • Achieving >90% test automation 
  • Real case studies 

Tricentis Tasting Room checklist 

Step 1: Fill out the form to request to attend. Please include your address so that if selected, you will receive your wine. 

Step 2: Tricentis will review your application. 

Step 3: If selected, we will let you know so that you can add the event to your calendar.  

Step 4: Sommelier Tina Kanter will ship three bottles of wine your way. Once you receive your wine, store it in a cool, dry place. 

Step 5: Join us for the Tricentis Tasting Room on June 28, 2022. We will leverage Zoom for the event. We will send login information closer to the event.