Exploratory Testing for JIRA

Plan. Record. Share.

Facilitate collaboration within and across Agile teams with simplified exploratory session planning, documentation, and reporting.

For JIRA Server 7+
Compatible with JIRA Core, JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk

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Exploratory Testing for Jira Plan Sessions

Plan Sessions

Robust session-based testing capabilities help you structure testing – planning and distributing tasks to ensure goals are covered.

Exploratory Testing for Jira Record Test Actions

Record Test Actions

Automatically record test actions with annotated screenshots and videos for accurate documentation and defect reproduction.

Exploratory Testing for Jira Share Results

Share Results

Track session status as testing progresses and instantly share detailed results for seamless collaboration and fast feedback.


Exploratory testing is powerful, valuable, and even fun - but the associated hassles are not.
We’ll handle the documentation and reporting so you can focus on effective testing.

Apply fully-featured session-based testing to increase controllability

Record test actions automatically to focus on testing, not on manual documentation

Define session charters to provide clear testing missions to your testers

Plan sessions without ceremony to get your things tested right now

Invite multiple testers to diversify your testing from various perspectives

Link test results to test objectives to measure your test coverage

Share your results in a flash to collaborate seamlessly with detailed feedback

Monitor test results to measure the effectiveness of your sessions

Playback test actions to fix critical bugs as fast as they have been found

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