Test automation built for agile teams

Software-driven organizations innovate faster, delivering quality applications and services that separate their offerings from the competition. Testim is easy to use and handles your toughest testing challenges. It’s SaaS-based and AI-powered to help you test fast and keep releases on schedule.

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Continuous integration

Trigger functional UI tests on CI actions. Use test status to evaluate tests before false positives stop builds.


Create one-button bug reports in Jira, Trello, or GitHub. Publish results in Slack, email, or to any webhook.

Version control

Sync test branches with code branches on forks, commits, and merges.

Test execution

Run cross-browser tests on Testim or any third-party Selenium-compatible grid.

Visual validation

Test the visual accuracy of your web application at the element or page level.

Test management

Include Testim tests in your unified management strategy. Read the documentation.

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