Accelerator Packs for Trax

Pre-Built modules covering a multitude of windows within the Trax application allows you to automate various processes. In addition to existing Execution Lists that can be provided, the Tosca software also enables you to build your own Test Cases specific to your business requirements.

Optimize Trax testing with Tosca

Bringing Automation On Board

With no programming skills required, Tosca Testsuite serves as the perfect tool for Trax Administrators to import, create, and maintain test cases for iterative testing prior to applying Service Packs or patches to Production environments. Trax offers services for automation consulting, assistance with script implementation, and test case management.

Test Cases you develop specifically for your organization can also be shared with Trax, so that those scripts can be run even prior to Service Pack release; the goal being to minimize bugs as part of a team effort.


Modules capture the fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons of a window. Fields can be rearranged and/or renamed as required.

Test Cases

Building Test Cases allows you to input information into the windows. Fields can also be skipped, validated, or buffered to use their value in subsequent test steps.

Execution Lists

Execution Lists allow you to arrange Test Cases to reflect your specific Business Process Flows.

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