API Scan

Tricentis API Scan helps your team collaborate on API testing—from “unit-level” testing during API development, to end-to-end testing that exercises the API in the context of realistic user transactions, to cloud-based load testing that validates the API’s continued performance.

Accelerate API Testing — from Development to QA

Tricentis API Scan is a lightweight tool that accelerates API testing by helping team members reuse and build upon each other’s’ API testing efforts. Developers can use API Scan to check that their API changes work as expected before they commit.  Once developers exercise APIs with API Scan, key test details (e.g., authentication and appropriate request parameters) are saved for reuse across the team. Developers gain a fast and intuitive way to check their work—and at the same time jumpstart QA’s API testing efforts.

The captured developer tests can be automatically converted to Tosca API tests for functional testing and load testing. In Tricentis Tosca, testers can inject additional test data to increase coverage as well as embed these tests within realistic end-to-end test scenarios.

Validate APIs During Development

Interactively exercise APIs to validate messages vs. schema, check authentication, ensure requests are handled properly, and review response content/format.

Create “Building Blocks” for Testing

Capture any interactions you want to reuse as Tricentis Tosca API tests. Tosca users can then extend these tests and reuse them within end-to-end tests.

Jumpstart the Team’s API Testing Efforts

Save the authentication setup and request parameters used during development testing so that the QA team can start testing faster.