Infometis TACC for Avaloq Testing

Infometis TACC extends Tricentis Tosca functionality to test Avaloq SmartClient. With this extension, you can perform scanning, rescanning, and region scanning for Avaoq SmartClient.

Efficient Testing of the Avaloq Banking System

Efficient Testing of the Avaloq Banking System

Software test automation without scripting enabled by Tricentis Tosca’s unique “Business Dynamic Steering” relies on the automated detection of all controls of the client application.

For demanding Applications, like the Avaloq SmartClient, this automatic detection has its limits. Therefore an application specific adapter, called “custom controls”, is needed.

The TACC of Infometis enables the Tricentis Tosca Wizard to discover all relevant controls of the Avaloq SmartClient. Now you can use all advantages of Tricentis Tosca in conjunction with the Avaloq Banking System!

Stable Test Automation Regardless of New Releases

Both, the Avaloq Banking System and Tricentis Tosca are subject to continuous improvement. The only question is: Will your automated test cases still work after the upgrade?

Infometis guarantees to adapt TACC to every new release of Avaloq and/or Tricentis Tosca in a timely manner. That is why TACC is only available in conjunction with a software maintenance agreement. The agreement also includes support and free upgrades of TACC.

Thanks to TACC, you can focus on Avaloq test automation and unleash the full potential of Tricentis Tosca. With TACC, your testing investments are protected and the overall trust in automated testing improves.

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