Infometis TAMI for Avaloq Test Data

Test Data Creation from Tricentis Tosca to Avaloq using the Migration Interface

Efficient Testing of the Avaloq Banking System

Tricentis Tosca enables you to automate testing without scripting: All control elements in the application under test are automatically recognized by Tosca and are offered to the user through Tosca Commander. The Infometis Tosca AVALOQ Custom Controls (TACC) provides reliable test automation using the Avaloq SmartClient.

The creation of synthetic test data is part of the testing strategy of most banks. However, to create synthetic Test Data via  the GUI is repetitive and time-consuming. TAMI enables Tosca to create Avaloq objects like business partner (BP) or money accounts (MACC) much faster by using the Avaloq Migration Interface.

Fast, Easy Test Data Creation

When testing a core banking system, synthetic Test Data Creation is by far the best solution to set up an environment. This Test Data Creation contains all objects that are needed to perform functional regression tests. Tosca supports this approach with its integrated Test Data Management (TDM).

Without TAMI, up to 50% of the overall run-time of an automated regression test set is being used purely for Test Data Creation that only covers a small part of the functionality that needs to be tested.

TAMI uses the Avaloq Migration Interface from within Tosca – the fastest way to create business objects in Avaloq. The runtime of data creation test cases can be reduced to a small fraction of the previous run-time. The creation of hundred banking clients is now a matter of a few minutes.

But TAMI not only saves time when executing data creation test cases. Furthermore it synchronizes the customer specific Avaloq parameterization with Tosca allowing you to enter multi value fields from a dropdown box instead of looking them up and type them in manually. TAMI is an Add-On and is seamlessly integrated into the Tosca Commander.

Import Avaloq Parameters

TAMI reads the client specific Avaloq parameters directly from the Avaloq database so that all attributes, keys, classifications and extensions (standard and customer specific) are available in the Tosca Commander.

Automatic Test Templates

After the synchronization, you can start designing test data creation in the TestSheet. When finished, TAMI generates fully automatically a Tosca TestTemplate. This Template contains all TestSteps needed to populate the Avaloq Migration API. You now can instantiate and run these test cases as you are used to do with any Tosca automated test cases.

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